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7 Ways to Turn Your Room into Your Sanctuary ...

By Ashley

We all need somewhere to go and spend time by ourselves, so why not turn your room into a sanctuary for yourself to do just that? A sanctuary should be somewhere you feel safe and relaxed, and that is tailored to your tastes. Why not check out some of these tips on how to turn your room into a sanctuary?

1 Paint It

This first tip on how to turn your room into a sanctuary seems obvious, but most of the time, people’s rooms aren’t painted the exact color they want. Someone might persuade you to go with a more subdued color, or even in a different direction entirely. If you truly want your room to be neon green, go for it. And don’t be afraid to paint it as many times as you like! If you want to change the color every month, that’s your choice since it’s your room. Go for it!

2 Posters

I don’t think any room can be truly considered a sanctuary unless it reflects the person it belongs to, and most of the time posters are a great way to represent that. I personally love superheroes, so I have tons of superhero posters on my wall. I also have posters from my favorite TV shows and musicians. A lot of the time I hear that posters are too “juvenile” but I completely disagree. Being passionate about things doesn’t make you juvenile, and wanting to make YOUR room reflect what YOU like is totally okay. Don’t let anyone discourage you if you’d like some posters.

3 Wall Ornaments

If you’re not into posters, another great thing to add a touch of you to your sanctuary is some wall ornaments. I have a friend that scoured eBay for some tapestries and little vintage mirrors, and she decorated her wall with them beautifully. She’s a very ‘mystic’ person, so her decorations give the perfect vibe for her personality. Look for things that really speak to you.

4 Lighting

I used to have this canopy over my bed, and for several years, the main light source in my room was a string of Christmas lights that I wrapped around the canopy. I loved it, and it made me feel very cozy and at home in my room. Lighting can change the mood so much! Lights that are too bright can seem cold and off-putting, but lights that are too dim can also be just as uninviting. Play around with different lamps and ceiling lights to see which lighting gives the best sense of your mood. This will make a huge difference!

5 Furniture Placement

If your furniture has been in the same arrangement for years, perhaps it's time to take a look and see if that could change. Do you REALLY like how the furniture is placed, or are you just used to it? Take a day to rearrange things and see if you like it better. Moving things around could open up more space, and potentially make your room feel more inviting, as a sanctuary should.

6 Tidiness

Is your room really messy? Is it too clean? I know that I can’t stand either of those extremes. If it’s too messy, I feel claustrophobic and want to get out. If it’s too clean, it doesn’t feel ‘lived in,’ like anyone is meant to be there, so I also want to get out. It’s all about finding a happy medium. Or perhaps you like when it’s messy or clean. Just find the state of tidiness that makes you feel most comfortable, and keep it up.

7 Things You like

The best way to make your room into a sanctuary is to surround yourself with things you like. I’m a voracious reader, so I have books everywhere. If you’re an artist, maybe surround yourself with artwork. Just find the things that make you happy and put them EVERYWHERE. This is your space, to do with as you please. Make it a space that you love going to more than anywhere else.

Making a sanctuary out of your room is a great way to help yourself relax. If you’re extremely stressed, it’s a place to come to and lock out the rest of the world for awhile. Do you have any more tips for making your room into a sanctuary?

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