7 Modern Accessories to Add to Any Decor Style ...


7 Modern Accessories to Add to Any Decor Style ...
7 Modern Accessories to Add to Any Decor Style ...

My absolute favorite way to style any given space is modern, so I've complied a list of accessories to add to any decor! Since moving close to the city of Portland, I've adopted a more modern style compared to my previous contemporary/traditional style. Because my taste has changed, I've looked for inexpensive ways to update our home for a more modern flare. It's easy to add these accessories to any decor style and change the feel of your living space if you so desire! In a few descriptive words, modern style is simple, has strong lines, geometric shapes, and generally stays in a neural color palette with pops of color here and there. Let's explore some modern accessories to add to any decor!

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De-clutter Modern style lives by the rule that less is more. So, the very first step when collecting modern accessories to add to any decor is to first purge what isn't needed and organize the rest! This is great to do no matter what your style is, but particularly for modern styles, you want to stick to minimal wall art, knickknacks, and other accessories that just add clutter. Think small plants and vases, crisp lighting, and very select wall hangings.



Paint Wall color can really change the feel of room in a dramatic way. Dark colors create a more sober atmosphere while light colors are more uplifting. For example, red is vibrant and can excite the mind, while blue is calming and relaxing. That's why it generally isn't a good idea to have red walls in your bedroom! For painting a room with a more modern feel, think neural tones which give a crisp, clean appearance.



A few pillows with geometric prints and minimal color is an ideal way to modernize your space. Pillows are a cheap way to add accessories that really grab your eye! I actually swapped out my bedroom pillows for the living room couch pillows. They have large blue and white chevron stripes, which are definitely modern! You can even make slip covers from a carefully selected print to customize your pillows.


Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and Succulents I've seen hanging succulents in glass displays and beautiful cacti terrariums used as centerpieces all over the place! These are elegant, simple and catch the eye in an amazing way. We are actually planing on purchasing a cacti terrarium for our dining room table and I can't wait! They are so gorgeous and easy to maintain, not to mention super modern! You an even find DIY terrariums with instructions on Pinterest!


A Sleek Chair

A Sleek Chair A side chair, either with arms or armless, is a great way to modernize your sitting space. There are plenty of furniture stores that are relatively inexpensive, like Ikea, that have a great selection of modern accessory chairs. Pick an accent color for your home and purchase a chair in that color or simply stick to a natural tone!



Lighting Lighting is also crucial in any space. Lamps and light fixtures can be a real eyesore if they aren't updated. If possible, stick to simple, industrial style lighting with exposed polished metal for modern design. Floor lamps are a great focal point and can be found in any price range!


Subtle Color Pops

Subtle Color Pops The use of color in a room is astounding and can either be really relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, or it can be chaotic and cluttered. Choose an accent color or two complementary colors and use them as pops within your decorating. For instance, my accent color is yellow and I have a yellow tea kettle, dish towels, a yellow bird sugar jar, and a clock. It pops out without being overwhelming and adds quite a bit of life to our living space! Think of what mood you want to set or what color just makes you happy, and have fun with it!

It's so easy to update your living space by changing your accessories! This can be done without spending a dime by mixing up accessories from each room to create a different look and feel. This is one of my favorite things to do, actually, when I don't want to spend money but want a change! For modern design, what are some of your favorite accessories in your home? What inspires you to decorate your space?

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