7 Color Schemes to Try in Your Home This Year That You May Not Know about Yet ...


7 Color Schemes to Try in Your Home This Year That You May Not Know about Yet ...
7 Color Schemes to Try in Your Home This Year That You May Not Know about Yet ...

Instead of spending another year with the same colored walls in your home, how about embracing some of the new color schemes to try in your home instead? New trends in home decorating are taking off fast and color schemes are one of the most popular topics right now of all. Changing up your paint color and going with a trendier feel is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to give your home an updated look. I recently painted my bedroom a new champagne color and I couldn’t be happier. It feels like an entirely different living space than the girly pink I lived with for seven years. Take things up a notch this year with these color schemes to try in your home. You might just find a new favorite color to love in the process!

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Cultural Color

Cultural Color This year, a popular decorating trend is one of the most fun color schemes to try in your home. Cultural color is one of the hottest decorating trends right now, and one I’m personally in love with. Cultural colors like gold, turquoise and plum colored purples are some great shades to start with. This gives an eclectic feel to the room and really lightens up the mood. Plus, it adds a little exotic touch to bring you relief from the everyday normal white, tan and brown hues so many of us use.


Spring Green

Spring Green Spring green is one of the most seen shades right now in home decorating, but don’t let the name fool you. You can embrace this color anytime of year, not just during the spring. It makes a great color to switch out your bedspreads and comforters with. For example, you can use light pinks and floral prints in the spring, and perhaps shades with more depth like plum purple or antique gold in the fall to go with this color. Spring green gives a sense of nature to a room and creates an uplifting and relaxing feel at the same time.


Get Your Glamour on

Get Your Glamour on I have to say, I think this is my favorite color trend of all this year. Going glamour is a huge color trend for decorating in 2013. The trick is to go super chic with colors like rich purples and exotic pinks, such as this nursery featured here. To enhance the effect, add gold or silver accents and beautiful lighting is always a plus. Copper toned furniture also creates an exotic appeal, as well as softer colored hues to match like lavender and mauve.


Glow with Gold

Glow with Gold My favorite colors to use in a room are gold and silver. They dress things up and really enhance the look of everything in the room. Plus, they match everything for the most part! This year, gold is a trendy shade, even when it comes to painting your walls. Designers are using gold as the main backdrop for walls, and even headboards for beds. Embrace the royalty of the color gold and give your room a makeover with this fabulous shade!


Keepin It Classy

Keepin It Classy One timeless trend that never goes out of style is the beautiful black and white combo. It is simple, chic and easy to design. The trick is to keep it trendy. Add a neat piece of art with color or a flower arrangement with a pop of color. Just one or two items can bring some life to the room and won’t take away from the simplicity of the classic idea behind the black and white scheme.


Romance the Room with Red

Romance the Room with Red Red is hot right now in home decorating, especially in the bedroom! This year, try a shade of red in your home, and stay away from safer tones like cranberry and wine that have been popular the last few years. Go bold in 2013 instead! Add classy colors to match like white, grey, or even silver and beige. This will soften the color of red on the walls and give a really romantic feel to the room. Even if you share a room with no one else, you’ll feel prettier just sleeping in such a beautiful, romantic space.


Bring on the Beige

Bring on the Beige You might be surprised to hear that beige is actually trendy again this year! The trick to using beige is to romance the room up a little bit. Add some updated floral, lighting and color touches, but let the backdrop be a simple beige. Just be sure you have lots of light in the room so it can enhance the sense of space. Beige in a small dark room creates a small, lifeless space. Use beige if you’re one to play it safe, but use it smart!

Try painting your walls a different color this year, and use what you have to mix things up a bit. Move things around in your home to match your new color schemes this year. You’ll feel like a new person with a new setting in your home. Do you like any certain color theme or have a favorite to use this year?

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At first I thought this is a bit girly.. Then my partner liked it.. Nice,bright and fresh.. For those winter months!! Thanx ..

I mean it is so adorable!

Awesome !

Spring green and beige is my fav.makes me paint and redecorate my home again

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