8 Design Tips for Decorating with Prints ...


8 Design Tips for Decorating with Prints ...
8 Design Tips for Decorating with Prints ...

If you're redoing your bedroom, living room, or any other room, how about some tips for decorating with prints? Prints are having a moment in both fashion and home décor. Whether you go with traditional stripes or plaids, look toward a French influence with damask, or have fun with polka dots or florals, some new and refreshing tips for decorating with prints will keep your room cohesive but still eye-catching.

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Experiment with Your Favorites

Many of the best tips for decorating with prints encourage you to experiment! Have fun exploring different looks with your favorite prints, just stick to accents and swatches at first; that way you don't do anything permanently, so if you don't like a particular print, you can switch it out for something new.


Play around with Different Sizes

Big prints, small prints, in-between prints – there's no hard and fast rule that says you have to choose one size. Playing around with scale introduces different looks and even textures into your space. Try to keep to one color theme but don't be afraid to mix big flowers with small floral designs, various plaids, or different stripes. Have fun with it!


Explore Décor Styles

One of the best ways to decorate with prints involves mixing different styles. What I mean by that is combining modern prints with traditional ones, or contemporary prints with country-style patterns. A printed heirloom plate, for instance, can look wonderful placed on a shelf papered with a more modern striped pattern. Again, just try to keep your color scheme cohesive.


Mix and Match Your Prints

As long as they don't clash, feel free to mix your prints. For instance, big bright botanical and floral patterns look wonderful with bold geometric prints. They're entirely different, so they don't clash. In fact, they create a complement of sharp angles and soft curves. Similarly, try bold stripes with a delicate fleur-de-lis print.


Old Traditions, Bold Colors

While you're always advised not to mix plaids and stripes, there are certain traditional prints that do go together. Both stripes and polka dots, for instance, are well known, traditional prints – but they look fantastic together. Try a striped rug with polka dotted curtains or accent pillows. They don't fight for the eye but actually flow together, especially when you bring everything together with bold colors.

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Don't Get Overpowering

The great thing about prints is that they add pops of color and interesting textures to any space. However, that can quickly get overwhelming if you aren't careful. Whatever you do, make sure your prints have a more neutral background, unless you're introducing a print through an accent wall. Just don't go overboard, otherwise you'll end up catching the wrong kind of attention.


Try out a Theme

With all this mixing and matching, you might think it's overdone to pick one single print and go with it. On the contrary, you can either choose different sizes – remember, big and small floral prints or batik patterns – or you can simply stick to one overall look. Go with all sorts of nautical stripes, pick a lovely chintz print, or even play around with plaids in your accent pillows, rugs, and drapes.


Remember the Details

If you're worried you'll fall out of love with the print you love now, simply use your prints in the smaller details. Buy rugs, curtains, accent pillows, and vases. Don't go all out and paint or paper a wall, buy a new couch, or splash the entire room with your prints. This is especially true if you've fallen for a more out there print or color scheme. Always give yourself room to change your mind.

I definitely recommend decorating with prints. They give the eye something new to see, they're fresh, and they're fun. You just have to learn the rules of mixing and matching, creating statement walls or highlighting statement pieces, and knowing when to use accents. What are your favorite ways to decorate with prints?

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