Colors in Decorating 7 Wonderfully Enchanting Ways to Warm up an All-White Room ...


Colors in Decorating 7 Wonderfully Enchanting Ways to Warm up an All-White Room ...
Colors in Decorating 7 Wonderfully Enchanting Ways to Warm up an All-White Room ...

Colors In Decorating are important if you want to make a statement about your personality using your home. I personally love home interior decorating and over the years have gotten a little experimental trying to shake things up. One of the hardest colors in decorating to style is white! I love white. Its crisp, innocent, relaxing, and clean. But an all white room can be a disaster if you don't know how to warm it up! That's why I've chosen to write this article. For those of you who would like to dabble in the lighter side, please continue reading my article on colors in decorating!

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Go with a Natural Touch

One of my favorite tips for colors in decorating using white as a base is to add a natural, organic touch. Wooden touches, such as a rustic table or stool will add rough contrast to your white room. This will also help warm up the space and give it a homey feel. And wooden picture frames count too!


Paint Matters

When choosing your colors in decorating, remember that white, just like any other color, comes in a variety of shades. In order to keep your look streamlined, make sure your paint color is a shade of white you love. The next step is to make sure your accessories in the room are the same shade of white as your walls. If you have true white walls, and then throw down a creamy white rug or hang a soft gray curtain, your accessories will appear dirty in contrast to your walls.


Keep It Simple

The key to keeping your room pulled together, is to keep your furniture unfussy and simple. Going with something on trend makes it more likely that you will hate that piece of furniture next year. A basic, simple furniture set is your safest bet. You can get unique, wild accessories that will punch up the wow factor of your room.


Mix in Texture

When using whites as your main colors in decorating, you want to avoid having a room that looks cold or sterile. In order to do that, you need to mix in texture! You can do this by adding different pieces to the room. A glossy lamp, a knitted throw, a fluffy rug-these are all pieces that will add some depth and interest to the room.


Play with Multiple Styles

When people think of colors in decorating, and white comes to mind, the first thought isn't always serenity. If this is the message you want your room to convey, then avoid keeping all the pieces modern. Mix modern with vintage for a warmer effect. Think of an old victorian iron bed frame with a dark wooden bedside table and a smooth, modern lamp. The look comes together entirely!


Let the Light in

An all white room may be light in color, but may not necessarily convey that fact if the room is dingy and doesn't let in natural light. Make sure you have curtains that let in light to reflect warmth and get a peaceful feeling in the room! If you only have one window to work with, or want to maximize all the light, hang up mirrors throughout the room. Mirrors are the fastest way to achieve the look of a spacious, open room!


Add Some Color

One of the best tips I can give you about colors in decorating is this: You don't have to stick to one color! Mix it up and have fun. Don't be afraid to add some touches of color to your all white room. Just pick one or two colors and use only those colors or variations of them. You don't want a rainbow room! My favorite colors to use in an all white room are rich blues, grays, greens or deep purples.

There you have it, my 7 top tips for Colors In Decorating when using all white! What do you think? Would you love an all-white room? These tips for colors in decorating will definitely keep you on track when you start re-decorating! Please comment below for your suggestions on colors in decorating using an all-white room as a starting base!

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I've been searching for advice on warming up my white room, I have white walls, wooden fire surround, blinds and floor, my couch comes tomorrow and it's pebble, need tips to add warmth but keeping walls white please

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