7 Best Uses for Chalkboard Paint ...


7 Best Uses for Chalkboard Paint ...
7 Best Uses for Chalkboard Paint ...

I have seen many creative projects lately for chalkboard paint **and I'm excited to try some of these out, I think it would be a great craft to do with my daughters. I love the idea of a wall calendar for my craft room or using **chalkboard paint to label items that might change, it's an easy way to erase and start over! I'm so excited that Erin from Peace Love Decoris guest blogging with us today to share her ideas for 7 Best Uses for Chalkboard Paint, some I would have never thought of...
Get Creative with Chalkboard Paint...
Paint is all the rave when it comes to home decor lately. Open any decorating magazine and you’ll see some sort of color or creative splash on walls of homes. The bright colors are fun and playful but what about a more creative side? What about something like chalkboard paint? It’s the hottest thing in home decor! You better get your paint brushes ready because here are seven great ways to incorporate chalkboard paint into your home....

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Flower Pots for the Garden...

Flower Pots for the Garden... Photo Credit

Don’t let your garden go drabby! This is bound to turn heads when anyone walks in your doors. Take a few regular flower pots and paint the bodies with chalkboard paint with 2-3 coats. Then jot down which spice or flower is growing in the pot and voila! No more shabby and cracked looking flower pots!


Chalkboard Wall in Kids' Playroom...


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Kids love to color but they’re so caught up in technology these days that they don’t have a chance to be kids anymore. Give that creative energy back to them with a chalkboard wall in their playroom. They will be able to use their energy and skills to draw pictures without having any upset parents when their kids are writing on the walls!


Above the Stove...

Above the Stove... Photo Credit
Imagine you’re cooking and you know you have to add one more ingredient to make that perfect spaghetti sauce but you just can’t remember what it is. You glance to your right, to your left; no recipe. This happens to me all the time. That’s why a little space for a chalkboard would be ideal right above the stove. You can just jot everything on there, look up and it’s all in front of you. And the best part is no more spaghetti sauce splashing on the recipe!


Chalkboard Based Martini Glasses...

Chalkboard Based Martini Glasses... Photo Credit

Talk about festive! These glasses will be the talk of the night and they won’t get mixed up between any of your guests! Just dip the glasses into the can of paint and let them dry on a flat service. You can really jazz it up by adding different colored chalk for people to write with or little glass charms!
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Chalkboard Easel...

Chalkboard Easel... Photo Credit

Having a wedding? Summer party in the backyard? Formal dinner at your house? All you need is a picture frame or mirror and some chalkboard paint to make this gem! Make sure you tape off the sides so paint doesn't touch the frame and go to town with your painting. This would look terrific set up on an easel with a list of drinks that are provided at a party or what will be on the menu at an outdoor wedding! This piece you really can use anywhere!


Office Calendar...

Office Calendar... Photo Credit

This just seems brilliant! Half my time I spend looking for my calendar so that I can put events in it. How easy would it be to just turn to your left or right and have it right in front of your face where you know it’s not going anywhere? The trick to this one is painting the entire wall with the chalkboard paint and then finding different shades to paint with to differentiate the days. This will save you so much time that you wasted before! You can thank us later!


Table Runner...

Table Runner... Photo Credit

Not all but most women enjoy hosting parties. And we love wine. And we love cheese. They’re staples right? This table runner will give you every excuse to host a cheese and wine night or any other meal night. Use any sort of long surface (plywood seems to work best) and apply two coats of paint. Let it dry (minimum 24 hours) and you’re all set. Use it for dinner parties or just as a centerpiece on your kitchen table. It will look so creative no matter where you have it displayed!

Everyone can use a little creativity in their life. These are such easy projects that they’re hard to pass up! Even if you’re not a big painter, you will be so pleased with how this paint turns out! Which idea is your favorite? Do you have any other ways you've used chalkboard paint? Please share your thoughts with us!

More about Erin:

I'm an organizational guru who has a passion for making homes beautiful and traveling the world. My time consists of perusing the internet for fashion ideas, good reads, and DIY projects. Check me out at peacelovedecor.blogspot.com!

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I love these ideas! I love chalkboard paint!!

I love the 2nd and 7th one, quite amazing and brilliantly creative..

Any home improvement store carries it like Home Depot and Lowes, even Target and Walmart carry chalkboard paint.

i absolute adore chalkboards! I have them all over my house! love the different ideas here Diana! xoxo

Where can I buy chalkboard paint?

I love the 2nd and 7th one, quite amazing and brilliantly creative..

wow I am redoing a room. I am honestly considering painting one wall with the chalkboard paint. I am afraid of finish of the paint.

You can make the paint also. Just mix any paint with Non-Sanded Tile Grout

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