12 Simply Stunning but Very Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas ...


12 Simply Stunning but Very Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas ...
12 Simply Stunning but Very Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas ...

With the Christmas season upon us, now is the opportune time to get your home, office and even car into the festive mood. Forget the doom and gloom of belt tightening and not having so much to spend this year:The following cheap Christmas decorations will almost certainly cheer up anybody feeling the blues of the current economic climate and stir the excitement for Christmas. You will hardly feel a dent in your pocket with these cheap Christmas decorations.

Here I present 12 Simply Stunning but Very Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas::

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Start with Your Door

Initiate the decoration fun and add some tinsel, ribbons, and ornaments or go all out and hang a homemade wreath made from greens such as leaves and branches.


Expose Your Cards

A practical way to show your popularity and instantly create the festive mood is to, tape or pin newly received cards to your walls. You could attach them along door frames, on the side of walls or create a line of hanging cards made out of ribbon or tinsel as a cheap Christmas decoration.


Rejuvenate Your Furniture

Why not use some old Christmas coloured material, like a red throw over your sofa, and makeshift some green cases for your pillows to make a Christmas tree inspired seating experience.


Add Some Fragrance

An often underestimated cheap Christmas decoration idea is to appeal to your sense of smell. Spray some pine tree essence, vanilla musk or light some Christmas incense sticks and pop them on your coffee table beside some pine cones for a stimulating decoration idea. The ancient practice of studding an orange with cloves is an excellent way of adding aroma and color. Tie them with festive ribbons and hang wherever you like. Another fragrance associated with Christmas is cinnamon. Tie a few sticks with ribbon - sorted!


Use Natural Elements

Nothing says Christmas is approaching quite like pine cones, mistletoe, holly and berries, evergreen branches. You can even use spray paint to add silver and gold. Take a walk in your local park to find suitable materials. Put in a small bowl, placed on a small coffee table or even sewn together and hung on a door or across a mantlepiece.


Add Frames

Utilise picture frames to put up some Christmas art. You can use leftover wrapping paper, a greeting card or even book press some holly or mistletoe leaves and frame.


Bows and Ribbons

A red or green ribbon can be used as a cheap Christmas decoration to tidy away curtains, tied together as a bow. Or tie pillows with ribbons and add a bow in the middle to represent presents or wrap door handles in green, red or both ribbons.


Introduce Colors

Take some vases and fill them with green branches, red berries and some holly leaves and place around your room, you could also or bundle them together with different assortments as a centre piece on a table or near the fireplace as a cheap Christmas decoration. If you don’t have holiday colored vases use household bottles of various colors or get some more of that handy spray paint.


Light It up

Use your lamps and place them in clear sight after decorating the lampshades with ribbon, tinsel, or even drawing on Christmas mottos with a stencil.


Bake It

A neat trick and great example for a cheap Christmas decoration is to bake some Christmas treats like gingerbread men, Christmas trees or little reindeers, paint them with bright colours and finish with a varnish of all purpose glue. Then, thread through a ribbon and hang on your mantle, pop in a vase or hang it over your rear-view-mirror and bring the Christmas spirit wherever you go.


Sprinkle Some Christmas Color

Use old glass wine, condiment or even perfume bottles and spray with a cheery red or festive green and add to your home. These will also make some great vases in which you can add some candles, evergreen branches or even try some pines place pines around them.


Just Add Water

For one of the easiest yet eyecatching cheap Christmas decorations fill a vase halfway with water, add a few drops of festive food coloring and float a tea light on top. You could even do this in large drinking tumblers and line them all up on a shelf, a mantelpiece or fireplace.

I really hope that my list 12 Simply Stunning but Very Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas has given you the confidence to try these yourself. Please feel free to let me know any little ticks you use during the holidays and any ideas you would like to try out that I haven’t mentioned. The most important fact you must remember when decorating for the Christmas season is just to have fun, enjoy yourself and think outside the box. The key to a cheap Christmas decoration lies in the enjoyment you have preparing it. Seasons greetings, keep decorating and let me know how you get on!

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Number 12 sounds gorgeous -- I've got to pull out all my vases tomorrow!

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