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8 Relaxing Color Combinations for Your Home ...

By Jordin

Relaxing Color Combinations for Your Home make your house pleasant, keeps you calm, and put your guests at ease. Ever heard this expression before "Your home, your haven"? Or what about "A man's home is his castle"? And don't forget "Home sweet home"! My point is, our homes are a huge part of our life. Even if you are just eating and sleeping there, you still spend a large amount of time in your home. That's why it's important that you have relaxing color combinations for your home! You want the time you spend within your own four walls to be very calm and soothing, and what better way to do that than with color? I've put together some very relaxing color combinations for your home so you don't have to do the guesswork! Now all you need to do is pick one and get started. Keep on reading to choose your own combo from these 8 relaxing color combinations for your home!

1 Blue and White

Plain, soothing, regular blue and white is a great choice for a relaxing color combination for your home. Blue reminds us of water and clear skies, and white is clean, fresh and pure. So put those two together and you've got yourself a recipe for divine relaxation. I love these colors in a bedroom or a bathroom, but they would look good in a kitchen too.

2 Sea Foam Green and Aqua Blue

How many of you think the ocean is an ideal spot for relaxing? I know I sure do! Which would explain why these two colors combined are an excellent choice for relaxing colors in home decor! Who doesn't want to be reminded of the beach while they sit in their house? Besides, aqua blue is a beautiful shade of blue.

3 Sandy Pink and Chocolate Brown

Here is a relaxing color combination for your home if you are a romantic at heart. Sandy pinks are reminiscent of Victorian days and the chocolate brown adds a touch of warmth and depth. These colors would look lovely in a day room or a lounge. You could accent with different shades of tan or maybe a darker pink for a strong effect throughout the room!

4 Lavender and Deep Purple

I absolutely love purple! And lavender and deep purple or plum together make a bold statement. They are the perfect relaxing color combination! To really create a unique effect, get candles or vases in these two shades of different heights and widths and set them on tables or shelves throughout the room. Your place will be stylin' high!

5 Lemony Yellow and Tangerine

I picture these two colors best in a teen or a college dorm room, but they would look beyond fabulous in a kitchen or an entryway as well! Lemony yellow is relaxing and calming while the tangerine punches it up and gives it a good kick! You will be glad you went with these invigorating colors in your home.

6 Mint Green and Burgundy

These are actually the two colors I have in my own living room, and I can assure you they are a very relaxing color combination for your home! Mint or sage green is cool and low key, while the burgundy adds a hint of drama and sophistication! You can add some cream into this mixture as well if you want to have a nice blend of colors going on. I love this combination of colors for a home!

7 Cream and Indigo

If you are looking for something a little more urban, this relaxing color combination is the way to go! A soft cream will brighten up the room without the harshness that white brings, and an indigo will punch up the perspective and sophisticate your space. You can add touches of red or burnt orange to compliment the indigo and accent it a little if you would like!

8 Deep Red and Gold

Deep red and gold is a sexy, yet relaxing color combination for your home. They are ultra hot hues to have in your bedroom! In fact, I have these colors in my own room! I love the airiness the gold brings and the passion of the deep red. Try it-I'm sure you'll love it!

Once you decide which of these relaxing color combinations for your home you want to use, you're only one step away from having them in your very own space! If you're like me, you will want a different color and scheme for each room, so who says you have to pick? Go all out and have all of these relaxing color combinations for your home, each in their room! Hey, it's all about variety. Why don't you let us know about your home decor? If you have other relaxing color combinations for your home that you think look lovely, let us know!

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