8 Unique Lamps for Your Apartment ...

One of the funnest things to do in a brand new apartment is actually picking out all of the little details that really make the apartment yours; this includes finding unique lamps for your apartment! When I first moved out, I had absolutely no idea what to look for in a lamp, what style I wanted or what pieces might look good in what room. Don't worry girls, I got your back because below we are going to talk about unique lamps for your apartment that fit right into your design style and what rooms might look best for your chic lamps!

1. Nessie

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Price: $34.99 at target.com
This lamp actually reminds me of the Gilmore Girls because of that one episode where Lorelei was almost late to Rory's first day at Chilton because her fuzzy clock didn't wake her up. Instead of relying on a fuzzy clock to get you up, why not rely on this cute little LED lamp to help you read at night? You can twist it, turn it and pull it to wherever you want! It's the ideal bedroom lamp plus it looks so friggin' cool!

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