7 Decorating Ideas for a Small Bathroom ...


7 Decorating Ideas for a Small Bathroom ...
7 Decorating Ideas for a Small Bathroom ...

When I first moved out of my parents' house and into an apartment, I was absolutely floored at how small my new bathroom was; while I have a huge bathroom now, I never forgot some of the decorating ideas for a small bathroom that I used! Small bathrooms are not necessarily bad ladies, but they are more difficult to style up just right, because you don't have all of the space that you want. If you keep to the decorating ideas for a small bathroom below though, I can promise that your bathroom will look way bigger than it actually is!

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Color Scheme

Believe it not, the color scheme that you choose for your bathroom makes a huge difference (this from the girl who painted her bedroom in her first apartment blood red, but that's another story). Bright and inviting colors such as shades of blues, whites or greens are all great colors that will make your guests feel calm and at ease and will make your space feel extremely large! You can even use wallpaper on your walls as a designing trick to make your room look larger. Choose a wallpaper that is not too busy and not too dark -- remember, darkness makes a room look smaller. The key to using these decorating ideas for a small bathroom all start with the walls, so splash those walls with bright colors!



When you are looking for decorating ideas for a small bathroom, think about the lights you are choosing. While you might want the fancy dim lights for those nights that you are tucked away in your bathroom, opt for lights that are fresh, chic and bright. Bright lights actually make your room look bigger, so don't skimp on the light fixtures in your small bathroom! Whether you get wall mounted lights or ceiling fixtures, make sure there is plenty of lighting in there.


Sink Choices

When I was redoing my small bathroom, one thing that I totally missed the mark on was the sink (hey, I went for the cheapest). Cheap is not always the answer though girls, you want to consider the sink that is going to make your bathroom look larger and provide you with more space in your small bathroom. Curvy and floating sinks are generally the best sinks for small bathrooms. Trust me, this will make your bathroom look bigger and will in general make moving around your bathroom easier!


Pocket Sliding Door

You read that right ladies, choosing a 'pocket' sliding door can actually add on a ton of space. How, you ask? Well, think about it, when you swing your door open or closed, you are utilizing space that could otherwise be saved if you had a door that tucks into the wall. How cool would it be for you to have a sliding door in your bathroom; it's unique, different and will save you space. That's almost like the toilet I had in my first house that flushed by pulling on a metal knob on top of the toilet. It was a novelty even though I had to explain to every single guest who used my bathroom how to flush the toilet -- but at least with the pocket door, it'll save you some space!


Utilize Wall Space

I repeat: utilize the wall space! Put up some shelves, girls! Put up some shadow boxes! Use the walls as your storage space so you do not even have to think about buying any storage bins or cabinets. Heck, they even make cabinets for your bathroom that hang right on your wall. This is by far the most important decorating idea for a small bathroom because while you might follow all of the rest of them, your bathroom will still look cluttered if you don't utilize your wall space!


Glass Shelving

When I was a kid and I used to go visit my grandma's house (nana, as I called her), I used to feel so crammed into her bathroom. It was because she had a heavy hand with the shelving units. Not only would she use the thickest wood possible, but it was all dark. In her bathroom, I felt a little like Alice in Alice in Wonderland when she grew really tall and was crammed in that tiny little room. If you are suffering from a small bathroom, ditch the drab and get some glass shelves! These shelves will not only give you the illusion of a bigger space but they can actually appear almost invisible!


Streamline Storage

A lot of the ideas for a small bathroom center around storage and that is because it is super easy to clutter up a small bathroom. One trick that I learned was actually keeping your storage flush with the walls, that way it leaves you with a ton of floor space. Narrow shelving units can actually help too. Personally, I love a ton of the shelving units that they are totally open and tall, they are perfect for small bathrooms and will make your bathroom look huge!

Decorating a small bathroom doesn't have to be grind on your nerves, it can actually be really fun! You just have to throw your own theme and twist in there! While I have a big bathroom now, I remember the days when I had to cram myself into my bathroom; these decorating ideas for a small bathroom saved me from making my bathroom look even smaller! So ladies, what decorating ideas do you have; how have you decorated your bathroom recently? Come on, I am thinking about redoing my bathroom!

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