8 Gorgeous Bedroom Color Schemes ...

Whether you're starting from scratch or thinking your bedroom could use a makeover, there are tons of bedroom color schemes to consider! Your bedroom should be the space you use to escape the rest of the world for a while. It's because of this that the colors you choose are very important, as they are known to influence your moods! Plus, you want your bedroom to resonate who you are and what you enjoy. To help get your creative blood pumping, here are 7 gorgeous bedroom color schemes!

1. Red, Black, & White

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These are actually the same colors that are currently in my own bedroom so I had to put it first on this list of gorgeous bedroom color schemes! Using very deep reds and blacks can sometimes make your room look too dark. Your bedroom should feel bright and lively or else you may find yourself having a harder time waking up in the morning! So make sure to have a majority of your room a white or very light gray to break up the darkness. I love how deep reds just pop out at you by themselves, so pairing them with blacks and whites makes them stand out even more!

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