7 Gorgeous Kitchen Designs You'll Love ...


7 Gorgeous Kitchen Designs You'll Love ...
7 Gorgeous Kitchen Designs You'll Love ...

When was the last time you chose new kitchen designs? It might sound crazy, but there is something really invigorating about redesigning your kitchen, and making it a new space. Whether it’s new accessories, new cookware or a whole new design, it’s a great way to give your home a boost, and there are some amazing kitchen designs around at the moment. Give it a try, and see what a difference it makes!

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Chalkboards… I’m not quite sure what it is about this room, but I love it. It’s one of those kitchen designs that would go well in any size space, and I love how homely yet quirky it is! The chalkboard wall is different and unique, and I love the inspirational quote down the left hand side. The contrasting white walls and traditional monochrome flooring pull the main colors together, and I love the bright red accents and beautiful gold flowers…Get the look by mixing a traditional design with modern chairs, and adding some bold colored accents to lift any room.


Fruit and Flowers…

Fruit and Flowers… If you’ve got a classic white kitchen and want to give it a quick and easy update, this is the style for you. Wooden letters can be bought from any craft shop, and spelling a cute word like ‘Eat’ or ‘Smile’ or ‘Cake’ adds a friendly tone to your kitchen. Then add a splash of color with different fruits held in different bowls, colored utensils and scales, and even some fresh Spring flowers. The perfect finishing touch? A chic but understated chandelier will make you feel glamorous every time you look at it.


Country Chic…

Country Chic… The country kitchen look is timeless and always popular, but it can seem daunting. Start by giving your cupboards a fresh lick of white paint, and taking off a door to display some teacups or vintage teapots on one shelf. Wicker chairs are classic and easy to find, and a wooden table adds a touch of classic rustic to the room. Red and white tea cloths, cut-out wooden hearts and fluffy chair throws add character, and the unique candles are a great way to add low lighting. Dreamy, and not daunting at all.



Arty… Love symmetrical, arty styles, and pristine displays? Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the exception. Try placing storage such as shelves slightly out of line, like this, and using them to display key pieces. I love the wooden fruits arranged here, and the bird cups are just precious; and even the non-collectibles are themed, all being silver. Add cohesion in the same way by picking similar sized groups of objects: most of the collections shown here are in groups of three, for example.



Girly… When I was growing up, I really wanted a pastel-colored, really girly and vintage kitchen. Cute patterns make me so happy! Get the look by teaming a neutral kitchen with something big and sugary colored, such as this huge pastel pink fridge. Shelves with frilled edges are given a vintage update with colorful potted decorations in them, and the cream drawers are effortlessly updated with cute patterned materials. I love how welcoming this look is when it’s all pulled together.



Minimalist… This kitchen design is heavily influenced by industrial, minimalist themes, and it works perfectly. It’s a great look for any kitchen, big or small. To get the look, opt for a minimal amount of furniture, and look for pieces that would be at home in a restaurant or warehouse: big, open shelves rather than drawers, and strong, bold metals rather than creams and homely woods. Opt for iron pots and silver pans and utensils, and contrast it with a white table and egg chairs with wooden legs. Missing that natural feeling? Try displaying pots of growing herbs, or collecting some colorful Autumnal plants.


Library Inspired Dining…

Library Inspired Dining… This is one of those kitchen designs that will completely divide opinion, but I think I like it. The big wall of ingredients, cookbooks and equipment, complete with a cute matching wooden ladder, reminds me of those huge libraries we’d play in as children. I love the bright patio doors too, which let through plenty of light, and there’s masses of space for making cakes or cooking elaborate recipes. The low-hanging lights and big prints on the walls give this a very café feel to it, and it’s a kitchen I’d love.

Which kitchen designs do you love best? Do you prefer classic kitchens, or big rooms with plenty of space, or are themed kitchens the ones that you’d love to copy? I really can’t decide what to do with my kitchen now…Let me know what designs you’re loving, and I’ll pick the favorite!

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Great designs. I love them!

What make is the pink fridge?!

Yeah where to buy a pink fridge???? And the chalkboard

I am in love with that pink fridge!

Love the chalkboard design!

Love the chalkboard one!!

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