7 Must Have Ikea Furnishings ...


7 Must Have Ikea Furnishings ...
7 Must Have Ikea Furnishings ...

Apartments are hard to fill, especially if you have a limited budget and more than one room... Thank goodness there are some must have Ikea furnishings that fill out those empty spaces without emptying our wallets at the same time! Ikea has become one of my go-to home decor retailers. The prices are great and most pieces are just as sturdy as their pricier competitors. Keep to this list of must have Ikea furnishings and your home will be fully styled in no time!

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Ikea Kitchen

There are so many wonderful touches in an Ikea kitchen that it is no wonder it is top on my must have Ikea furnishings list. Ikea kitchens come with a 25 year warranty and have all the bells and whistles of a real-deal chef's kitchen. Cabinets and drawers that light up and close slowly, customizable storage, gorgeous appliances, and modern finishes are all common parts of an Ikea kitchen. There is no need to have a cookie cutter kitchen where Ikea is concerned, all are fully customizable to your home needs and personal preferences; add that to the incredible pricing and you’ve got yourself a winner!


Home Office

Working from home makes an organized but pretty working space vita. Ikea’s storage furnishings are perfect for getting a de-cluttered and pretty look that does not take up your entire home. The Besta and Lack lines are my go to’s since Bestas are so customizable and the Lack wall shelving gives a clean storage area. Seriously, I think my favorite piece in the whole office is my giant white Besta cabinet. It is heaven for those who like a mess-free work station.


Ektorp Chairs

Ikea’s Ektorp chairs look identical to a certain Pottery Barn piece, but are a third the price. To be honest, I was a little weary about getting these chairs since they are in our living room and get quite the beating from guests and animals. Thankfully, we took the risk and have now had them for three years without so much as a dip in the cushions! These chairs are a complete must have, they are cozy, stylish, and sturdy - everything you want in your family furnishings!


Ribba Frames

Frames are expensive. Sometimes I think department stores are playing a hidden camera show when I see how crazy the prices get for a bit of wood and glass. Ikea became my saving grace this year when I realized I needed a mass amount of pictures hung but hated the idea of forking out $20+ per frame. The Ribba collection starts at $1.99 (for real!) and goes up to about $30. Plus, they have super cute photo shelves for $9 a piece. Scoresees!



The Ikea beds are great, sturdy pieces of furniture that hold up just as well as the more expensive alternatives. We have gone through quite a few headboards and frames in search of the perfect bead and the closest (and least expensive) has been the Vanvik bed. Sure, you have to put it together, but just look at it as relationship building and you are in the clear. Also, be sure to get all the pieces. The Ikea sales reps will probably tell you this about a thousand times, but once more does not hurt.



The best Ikea furnishing advice I can give would be to check out the table lamps and chandeliers before buying from somewhere else. I did not do this and ended up spending $200 for a lamp that looked identical to one at Ikea for $50. It was not a good day. The lamps last for 3+ years and most include a shade - a major perk considering most retailer shades cost more than an Ikea lamp!


Boxes and Baskets

Ikea has some super cute storage accessories for super thrifty prices. Like all of the furniture, the storage pieces have to be put together. This is not the worst thing ever and definitely worth it for the price. Check out some of the adorable Hemnes jute storage boxes or the grey wicker baskets. Both are cute enough to revitalize any unorganized corner or cluttered room!

I love Ikea, the prices are fantastic and the building is not too bad once you get use to it. There are plenty more pieces that would look great in most any home, but these are my absolute favorites at a steal. What are some of your go-to places to shop for great deals on chic furnishings?

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Ikea rocks.

I wish this article had pictures .. I Iove ikea products but have to search these products online to see which ones are they :D

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