8 Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Favorite Photos ...


8 Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Favorite Photos ...
8 Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Favorite Photos ...

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be constantly on the hunt for new ways to display photos. Whether it’s old family photos, new digital snaps or photos from friends and family members, I have a whole archive of photos that I’d love to display but have no idea what to do with. I’ve been searching round the best ideas, and here are some of my favorite ways to display photos.

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Instagram Canvases…

Instagram Canvases… This idea is pretty hot right now, and it’s the idea that first caught my attention. You can finally transform those artistic Instagram shots into gorgeous wall canvases! You’ll need glossy PVA glue, canvases, a sponge brush, and a printer. You can get all of this at most craft shops. Now, print a copy of the photo you want. It’s a good idea to match the photo size to the canvas size! Now you can stick the photo to the canvas using the PVA glue, or use Image Maker (also available at craft shops) to transfer the image across. Allow to dry, and display. One of the simplest, most gorgeous ways to display photos.


Washi Frames…

Washi Frames… If you rent, or you like to change your photos frequently, you’ll love this method. Simply invest in a few rolls of Washi tape, and print off your favorite photos. I’d recommend using the same pattern of Washi tape to create a coordinated look, but there’s a whole variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and you can create some amazing looks by mixing them up. Measure your photos and create strips of Washi tape that will perfectly hold the photo to the wall. Add a few extra borders around a select few pictures, and you’ve got a gorgeous display that’s effortless to change, and will leave walls in pristine condition.


Shadow Box Magnets…

Shadow Box Magnets… I’ve been making these as presents, and they’ve been a hit! You’ll need some round aluminum tins (I used favor tins), strong magnets, adhesive, photographs and small details such as sand, beads or sprinkles. Cut the photo so that it fits inside the tin, and add a small amount of the details in. Glue the lid down, and attach a magnet. I’ve made holiday ones using sand, birthday ones using sprinkles and wedding ones using confetti – the only limit is your imagination!


Vintage Pegs…

Vintage Pegs… Yep, this is an old look – it’s all over vintage décor magazines, but it’s also one of the best. Start by attaching a few lines of string to either side of a wall, and then collect together the photographs you’d like to display. Use pegs to firmly hold the photos on the string, and arrange. It’s simple but oh-so-effective, especially if you use more than one row of string.



Minimalist… If you’ve got a minimalist home, you might find that normal photos don’t really fit. That doesn’t mean you should give on displaying them, though! This is my favorite way to display photos in a minimalist home – get black and white versions of your favorite photos, and display them in collections of glass bowls and vases. It’s a gorgeous look, and something that will always attract compliments!



Quirky… We’ve all tried creating a shape on the wall using photos, but there is an easier and more effective way to get that look. Simply choose something that sums up your home – this vintage bike wheel is perfect and inexpensive – and clip a selection of photos onto it. The benefit of a wheel is that it can easily be attached to a stand, and rotated regularly to show off a new selection of photos.


Big and Bold…

Big and Bold… Want to give a room a strong theme? Opt for big white photo frames. This nursery gets an instant update with the addition of four big nursery rhyme prints, and the symmetrical spacing and matching frames offer a cohesive look that can be used all over the home. It will work for almost any selection of images, as long as they are similar in size, and it’s very easy to do. Now how cute is that tent?!


Old Doors…

Old Doors… For a unique and totally amazing way to display photographs, get your hands on an old door with sections of glass. Print photos so that they fit the glass holes exactly, and add coat hooks to the bottom of the door. Then fix to the hallway. This is an utterly stunning way to display photos, and I love the homely vintage effect. Dreamy!

I’ll definitely be using some of these great ways to display photos –they are infinitely more stylish than simply adding them to the fridge, and it’s a great way to add a homey touch to any room, too. Now to find the best photos! Have you got a great way of displaying your photos? I’d love to hear about it!

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The Instagram Canvas is a perfect gift giver idea for the Creative & Crafty Type Girl to Create as A Mother's Day Gift that would Surely put a smile on her face forever! Are the supplies such as the roller ...glue , canvas expensive or average cost ?

Love these ideas!

Those are clothes line pins, used when people hung their clothes outside on a line to dry......not pegs

The door is brilliant! I adore it

I love the door idea!

Love the old doors idea!

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