5 Ways to Make New College Friends after Freshman Year ...

When you first start out at college, it can feel like the first day of high school all over again. You make friends in the first one or two weeks of class, and they pretty much stay your group of friends until you graduate! Finding friends in freshman year feels very similar, but the thing about college is that there are so many different people to meet, you don’t always find your besties at the first attempt. Here are five ways to make new college friends after freshman year.

1. Smaller Parties

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The thing about going to those huge rager parties is that you tend to just stick with the people that you arrived with. If you choose to go to smaller get-togethers, however, it gives you more of an opportunity to talk to other people there, and potentially make new friends that you didn’t know in your first year.

2. Join Clubs

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The list of clubs that you can join at college is pretty much endless, so don’t forget that as you enter your second year. You don’t have to have been a member of something from your very first week of college to be able to feel accepted and at home! Branch out and find new friends related to your interests and hobbies.

3. Volunteer

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Give something back during your college years by volunteering in your college town in any way that you can. The range of people that like to volunteer is large and wide, so you will be sure to connect with people you didn’t previously know.

4. Student Council

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If you are politically minded, you can always run for student council. Having a position like that opens you up to pretty much the entire student body, so if you can’t make friends when everyone knows your name, then you are never going to be able to make friends at all!

5. Study Groups

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Rather than revising cooped up in your dorm room, join a few study groups and get to know more people who are doing the same courses and classes as you. Social studying is a great way to make friends whilst improving your academic ability at the same time. Finding new people doesn’t always have to be through partying!

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