How to Resist Temptation in College ...

By Sonya

How to Resist Temptation in College ...

This article refers to avoiding the temptation of drugs and lazing around high. Drugs are very easy to come by in a campus and they are highly detrimental to your ability to learn. It is a common misconception to believe that drugs do not harm people, but what people do not tell you is that drugs affect your brain chemistry in ways you cannot foresee. The effects are long term and slowly snowball into making you dumber and less motivated to do anything at all. Read on to learn how to resist temptation in college.

Table of contents:

  1. indulge in other things
  2. stop hanging around people who do it
  3. get a partner and have sex
  4. remember why you are there
  5. steer clear of religion
  6. don’t worry; it is not as good as it looks
  7. be wary of getting bored

1 Indulge in Other Things

There are plenty of other things you can do with your time. You can go to bars, play pool, go bowling, go out with friends, start dating, video games, the cinema, cycling, tennis, hockey, football or just hanging out with your friends. You have your freedom, but if all you can think to do with it is take drugs then what is the point?

2 Stop Hanging around People Who do It

If you know people who do drugs of any kind then they will eventually get you hooked on it. You cannot help it, and on some level they cannot help but to influence you either. There are lots of reasons why we fall in with the crowd, and most of the reasons are not due to some lack of discipline or even peer pressure. It is just human nature to want to do what the group does, and over time you will justify it to yourself to the point where you do it.

3 Get a Partner and Have Sex

You are in college now and once you reach the age of 17 you are ready to start exploring sexuality. If you want to wait until you are in love then that is fine, but at the very least you can start searching for love in college. Ideally, you want your first time to be with somebody nice because you are going to remember it for the rest of your life, so it is better if you choose wisely.

College is a great place to be dating and a great place to explore your sexuality. After you leave college you are going to notice a sharp drop in the potential partners in your life as you go and enter the working world. It is full of people who are married or with long-term partners. That is why you should not miss the opportunity to start dating in college.

4 Remember Why You Are There

You joined a college to get an education. Even if you look in the short term you can see it is a good idea to study and get your qualifications. If you quit right now then you condemn yourself to fast food restaurants and warehouse work. That is not what you want to do, and if you are unsure of that fact, then go get a part-time job in a fast food place whilst doing your studies. It will be a weekly reminder of what you could end up doing if you do not complete your studies. You are not on college to do drugs, and if you are unluckily enough to be in a state with an over 21 drinking law then you are not there to drink either. At the end of the day, you are there to learn something so that you can have a better future.

5 Steer Clear of Religion

Yes, you read that correctly. Whilst in college you can put your faith on the shelf for a while. Why you ask? Because people with strong faith are the most likely to take drugs and commit suicide in college. Religion attacks drug use as a lack of morals, which mostly all of the time it has nothing to do with morals or overindulgence.

People slip and do drugs because firstly they may feel they may be forgiven, and if they are not Catholic, then they do it because they have associated morality with it. Students see good and moral people taking drugs and start to think that the moral argument is void.

It is better to ignore the moral argument altogether and to avoid drugs because they are bad for you. If you get a job in a factory when you are older and you are bored with no dependents, then do as many drugs as you like. But, whilst you are in college you have a future and it is foolish to throw it away for instant gratification.

Church and religion will tell you that drugs are linked with morality, and that is the worst thing to tell college students because they are going to go back to campus and see several thousand ways in which morals have no bearing on drug use. They see how morality has nothing to do with drugs and suddenly they think that drugs are a great new toy to try.

6 Don’t Worry; It is Not as Good as It Looks

People make drugs look good because to them it is good. But, did you ever try Navy Rum and hate it when someone else liked it or smoking when you don’t like it and the other people do. The fact is that you have to get yourself addicted to the drug before you feel the lovely feeling that people say they have.

7 Be Wary of Getting Bored

You need to plan your days a little and figure out what you are going to do with your time and plan to use your time wisely. If you plan then you are very unlikely to become bored. You do not get the time to become bored, and if you are not bored then you will not feel the need to try out a bunch of drugs.

If you do not fancy doing one of the earlier activities, then find out what your friends are doing. They probably have something that you can do. It is just fun to hang out sometimes and you can hang out and discover great new things to do, so it is worth the effort.

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