10 Stellar Tips and Tricks for Being a Good Hostess ...


10 Stellar Tips and Tricks for Being a Good Hostess ...
10 Stellar Tips and Tricks for Being a Good Hostess ...

Want some tips for being a good hostess? So you’re having people over. Maybe it’s friends or family. Maybe they’re coming for dinner or maybe they’re sleeping over. It’s always nerve-wracking being the host. Maybe you always try and avoid being the host or maybe you love it. Regardless, for those occasions where you just can’t avoid it, here are some of the best tips for being a good hostess.

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Your home says a lot about you as a person, and even your closest friends can judge without meaning to. Run the hoover round and put your washing away before guests arrive. This is one of the top tips for being a good hostess.


...but Don’t Go Mad

Realistically, your home is your home. There will be dirt, stuff everywhere and other signs your home is lived in. Your guests should understand this. Clean, but don’t go mad.


Provide Food

If it’s a dinner party, good food is essential. If not, let your guests know whether or not you’ll be proving food so they can plan accordingly. Worst case, put a few bowls of nibbles around. No one likes having hungry guests. And don’t forget to ask about dietary requirements and allergies.


Provide Drinks

If it’s a party, guests will probably bring their own drink. Providing things like mixers, water, cups and hot drinks can go a long way. Even if you don’t drink hot drinks yourself, always have some coffee or tea in the house ready for guests.



Nothing is worse than a gross toilet at a house party. After all, this is an absolute biological essential. Make sure your toilet is clean and not blocked. Put out plenty of loo roll, air fresher and a toilet brush. Let’s try and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.


Sleeping Arrangements

Giving someone a blanket is a small step in the right direction. If you have space and facilities, setting guests up in their own room makes you look amazing. If not, try and borrow airbeds and sleeping bags. Air them out! Give out spare blankets and pillows. Leave windows unlocked if it gets too hot, and a heater if it gets too cold. Your guests will appreciate your foresight.



Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to get to a party or dinner and getting hopelessly lost. Give your guests your postcode and clear directions. Give them your number too, so they can call if they do get lost.



In this day and age, nearly everyone is dependent on WiFi. Make sure your WiFi password is available for your guests to use.


Make Basic Things Available

If you have guests staying overnight, or even for a short while, make the basics available. Putting out things like sanitary towels, toothpaste or even deodorant can go a long way! Maybe put them in a cute basket in the bathroom, so your guests can help themselves if needed.


Be Welcoming

Going to someone else’s home is always awkward. Try and alleviate this and always welcome your guests. Point out where the bathrooms are and where they can hang their coats. Small things go along way.

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