10 Awesome Tips That Will Make You the Perfect Hostess ...


10 Awesome Tips That Will Make You the Perfect Hostess ...
10 Awesome Tips That Will Make You the Perfect Hostess ...

As you get older, you start to enter in to this period of life where it isn’t only important to be hanging out with your friends anymore, it is also important to make sure that you host them in a way that is pleasant and enjoyable. Gone are the days when everyone was happy to sit in someone’s garage with a PlayStation and a few secret beers, when you are an independent adult, you have to start thinking about upping your game! Here are ten great tips that will help you to become the perfect hostess!

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Don’t Bother with Spotless Cleaning

furniture, table, flooring, chair, floor, Being the perfect hostess is all about time management, there is no point making your entire hours spotless when guests are only going to be using about three rooms. Juts focusing on tidying the main hosting areas and you will save yourself a lot of time.


Rearrange Furniture

living room, furniture, floor, room, chair, If you are hosting a lot of people, then move your furniture around in such a way that allows guests to mingle without the obstacles of tables and chairs everywhere. Have surfaces dotted around where you can conveniently place nibbles and drinks.


Finger Food

food, cuisine, produce, meal, buffet, Finger food is essential, every likes to be snacking on something when they are at a friend’s house! Not only does it satisfy their taste buds, but it also gives them something to do with their hands and make them less nervous in new company.



blond, human hair color, girl, If you know that you are the best cook in the world, then just go ahead and hire a caterer! It saves you lots of stress on the day, and it means that your guests will actually get something good to eat!


Mindful Guest List

yellow, shoulder, textile, finger, girl, Be mindful of the relationships between the people who you are inviting, you don’t want to make an error and have bitter exes coming together, or feuding family members glaring at each other across the room!

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli


art, mural, wall, design, illustration, Before you start doing anything, set yourself a budget for your party. You don’t want hosting to become a burden for you financially, so keeping an eye on the costs from the very beginning will help you to stay on track.



conversation, human behavior, communication, friendship, girl, Get your guests to bring their own favourite drinks and mixers to the party, It does the double job of saving you money and ensures that everybody is able to enjoy their preferred beverage all night.


Contingency Plan

grass, plant, girl, black hair, long hair, Big parties very rarely go to plan, so make sure that you have lots of contingencies in mind if something happens to go wrong!



event, recreation, Good music is essential to a good party, so spend some time curating the ideal playlist filled with the right balance of golden oldies and cool modern tracks to make everyone happy!



photo caption, girl, conversation, friendship, event, A tense host makes for a tense party, so try your best to just relax and go with the flow! If you follow all of the tips above, you won’t have anything to worry about.

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