Protect πŸ›‘ Yourself: How to Not 🚫 Be Deceived 😈 ...


Deception is a way of life. It is all part of being able to get something for nothing, or part of negotiating a better deal for ones-self, whilst giving very little to the other party (if giving anything at all). The more you deceive then the higher the potential returns, however the higher the risk of negative repercussions and the higher the risk of being caught and getting nothing. But what if the shoe is on the other foot? What if you are the one who wishes to protect himself/herself from being deceived? Some people are easy to fool and some are difficult to fool. Some people can make lies sound like melted butter, where others have lies that are so see-through that even the person telling them cannot convince themselves. How do you become one of the people who are harder to fool? Here are a few things to think about when you are dealing with people and businesses and how to not be deceived.

1. What is in It for the Other Party?

The premise of any negotiation is a quid pro quo transaction, and everything in life is a negotiation. You go to work in order to get money; you make friends for companionship and support. You find a life partner for love, sex and someone to hold your hand on your deathbed. Everything involves the exchange of one thing for another, which means that the other party has to get something in return for what you are getting. You must figure out what that something actually is. Sometimes they may say they want one thing, whereas they actually want access to something else, a little like when a guy makes friends with a woman so that he can get closer to one of her friends.