17 Things Women Should Stop Giving a Damn about ...


17 Things Women Should Stop Giving a Damn about ...
17 Things Women Should Stop Giving a Damn about ...

You can't stress yourself out by worrying about the way you look in other people's eyes. You need to stop giving a damn. It'll be hard to change your mindset, but here are a few things that you should stop giving a damn about:

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Impressing Men

Impressing Men You should be living for yourself. If you impress a man in the process, then that's great. But don't set out to make a guy happy when you should be focusing on making yourself happy.


Your worth isn't measured by how much you cater to someone else's expectations or desires. Embrace your authenticity and find joy in things that resonate with you. Whether it's your fashion sense, your career choices, or your hobbies, pursue them because they fulfill you, not to fit into someone else's mold. When you glow with genuine self-contentment, that is inherently alluring. True confidence comes from within and doesn't require anyone else's validation. Remember, self-love is the most attractive feature you can own.


Having Perfect Hair and Makeup

eyebrow, face, eyelash, nose, eyelash extensions, It doesn't matter if your hair clip falls out or if your mascara smudges. These things happen.


Being Called Crazy

Being Called Crazy People will call you crazy for doing basic things, like asking where your boyfriend is going when he leaves the house. Don't let their words upset you.


Fulfilling Gender Roles

Fulfilling Gender Roles You don't have to sweep the floors, just because you're a woman. If your man wants to do the job, then let him. Gender roles are out of style.


What Others Think of You

What Others Think of You Who cares what everyone else thinks of your lifestyle? As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.


How Expensive Your Clothes Are

How Expensive Your Clothes Are It doesn't matter if your clothes are designer or if you got them handed down to you from your older siblings. As long as you look cute, does it really matter how much your outfit was?


How Many Likes You Get on Instagram

How Many Likes You Get on Instagram If you don't get any likes on your selfie, it doesn't make you any less beautiful. Don't let social media change your opinion of yourself.


How Big Your Boobs Are

How Big Your Boobs Are It doesn't matter if your breasts are big or small. You should be happy with them at any size.


People Who Don’t Care about You

People Who Don’t Care about You If you know that a certain someone couldn't care less about you, then you shouldn't care about them, either. They don't deserve your attention.


How Much Liquor You Can Handle

singing, PARC, EQuEJTMBB, Don't let others influence the amount you drink. No one is going to like you more, just because you drank four beers instead of two.


Remember, your tolerance for alcohol is as unique as you are. Throwing back shots to keep up with the crowd or to fit a certain image isn't just unwise, it's downright dangerous. Your health and well-being should always come first. So, if you're done after one glass of wine, own it with pride. Your body, your rules. Cheers to being responsibly you!



Frenemies You shouldn't waste your time talking to people who act like your friend one second and your enemy the next. There's no time for that.


How Many Calories You're Consuming

How Many Calories You're Consuming It's important to eat healthy and treat your body right. However, you don't need to count every single calorie in order to do that.


Getting Embarrassed

Getting Embarrassed You can't avoid embarrassment. However, you shouldn't dwell on it. Everyone has awkward moments.


Slut Shaming

Slut Shaming If you wear a short skirt or have a one-night stand, don't worry about the way other people are looking at you. They shouldn't be slut-shaming in the first place.



Shaving If you forget to shave one day, don't get self-conscious. There's nothing wrong with a little body hair. It's natural.


Admitting You're on Your Period

Admitting You're on Your Period Women have periods. Everyone knows it, so why would you be embarrassed about it?



Marriage Your focus shouldn't be on finding someone to marry, just so you can say you have a husband. Instead, you should focus on finding someone who makes you happy, and worry about the marriage part later.

If you stop giving a damn about everything on this list, you'll be a lot happier. Do you hate how much you care about some of these things?

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Besides your awesome stories, this is seriously one of my favorite posts from you Holly!! 😊❤ I'm learning to not give a damn because kids at my school are judgemental no matter what we do in general & this post helps so much so thank you! 😊

Sorry meant to write sons time loving yourself and put yourself first for a change.

Lovely article.. I just loved it.

I love this

Never worry about about the past... Live in the present moment!!! No regrets.

Finally...superb article 💗

Love this so much

Basically i don't care about any of them except makeup 💁🏼

suprb article

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