Do You Have the Symptoms of Nomophobia?


Do You Have the Symptoms of Nomophobia?
Do You Have the Symptoms of Nomophobia?

Nomophobia? What’s that? Nomophobia is the fear of being without your phone. Yes, it has become so real that it has been given a scientific name. And it’s believed to currently be the most prevalent phobia in the world. That’s kinda’ scary. But also, there’s something called Phantom Vibration Syndrome which is where you have the perception your phone is ringing when it is not. Oh boy! And this is the modern world? So do you have nomophobia? How do you tell?

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You Can’t Handle It when There’s No Coverage

person, profession, ASHI, NS.TUMELR.COM, don't, One of the key signs you’re addicted to your phone is that you freak out if you happen to end up in an area where Internet data coverage is super low or just completely non-existent. The thought of having to spend a significant amount of time without being able to check your Facebook or update your Twitter fills you with absolute dread. What if something important happens in the world of celebrity and you can’t get the updates!


You Constantly Need a Charger

hair, hairstyle, Most people can go an entire, perhaps even two days, without having to charge their phone up, but not you! You have to actually take your phone charger in your handbag everywhere you go because you know for sure that after a couple of hours of obsessive use that you are going to need to add some extra juice in order to make it through the afternoon without the threat of a power outage!


You Are Always on the Look out for an Outlet

person, costume, profession, you, missed, You arrange the furniture in your home in such a way that there is always a spare power outlet nearby for a quick plug and charge, and when you are travelling on a train you always, ALWAYS book the seats that you know are accompanied by a plug hole for your devices. The worst feeling in the world is knowing you need to charge but there is not an outlet in sight!


You Have a Sixth Sense for Battery Percentages

font, mobile phone, gadget, mobile phone case, mobile device, Without even looking at the top corner of your screen, you know exactly how much battery you are going to have left because you have watched so many videos, listened to so many songs, taken so many selfies on your phone that you are aware of exactly how much battery is eaten up by all of these different activities. It’s really an impressive talent!


You Know More about Phone Tech than Current Affairs

film, anybody, needs, make, call,, Unlike your friends, you have little no idea about the ins and outs of the Presidential race, but something that you sure as hell do know about are the release dates of all the latest cell phones, and exactly how they compare against each other, and which one you are going to buy, and which data plan is going to be best for your insane usage!

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You Are a Phone Checking Stealth Master

person, blond, human action, finger, emotion, Not supposed to use your phone in the cinema or the theatre? You see that as less of a rule and more of a challenge. In fact, you have perfected the art of the stealth phone check in any situation where the use of cell phones is supposed to be prohibited. You do it so quickly that nobody else has even noticed!


You Don’t like Going to New Places That You Haven’t Checked out

person, eyebrow, nose, album cover, singer, Why would you risk going to a new restaurant when you haven’t checked if that area is covered by free Wi-Fi? What are you going to do while you are waiting for your meal to come to the table? Talk to your friends or family? God, no! That is the kind of situation that smartphones were made for!

Hands up. Nomophobe or No-no-phobe?

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No more phone here 😀

There could be a slight truth to that. I was one of the last bastions to get a phone and was in 2011,i kid u not! Now i can't live without it. Sometimes i miss the times i didn't, isn't hindsight such a beautiful thing!!? t

Um yes.

Yes I have ! And also this phantom ringing syndrome 😱

ha ha. NO. Not me, but I know plenty who do.

Yes, sadly😂😂

I am a nomophobia.i take my phone everywhere even till an extent dats u take it to d ladies w me.

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