7 Ways to Keep Drama off Your Social Media Account for a Happier Place to Stay Connected ...


7 Ways to Keep Drama off Your Social Media Account for a Happier Place to Stay Connected ...
7 Ways to Keep Drama off Your Social Media Account for a Happier Place to Stay Connected ...

How many times have you seen a drama blow up on social media? It happens all the time. Some people seem to thrive on starting fights and taking offence, while sometimes it's just a misunderstanding. But the commotion that happen on social media can make it a very unpleasant place to be. So here's how to avoid drama on your social media accounts …

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Think before Posting

Always, always think twice before you post anything. And never post a comment when you're angry; even if you change your mind and delete the post or picture it may be too late. Not every form of social media comes with an edit function, and even if it does someone may still see your post before you delete it.


Be Very Selective Who You Allow to Follow You

Social media encourages us to collect 'friends' and followers. But these people aren't really our friends, unless you know them in real life. The more people that you allow to view your social media accounts, the greater the possibility that drama will follow. Be very selective about who you accept as friends, and if it's a personal account then keep it open to friends only.


Understand That It's Easy to Misunderstand

Finally, remember that it's very, very easy for misunderstandings to occur on social media. The written medium has its limitations as a communication tool, because you can't see the writer's expression or hear the tone in their voice - both of which give context to what we mean. So before you take offence at what someone posts, consider that you might be misreading their meaning.


Don't Be Drawn into an Argument

Arguments can blow up in a moment on social media, as a throwaway comment is taken as an insult - and it soon escalates. Don't let yourself be drawn into an argument. If someone is clearly spoiling for a fight, don't respond and keep feeding it. Say your piece if you must, then move on.


Be the Bigger Person

It's so tempting to want to prove you are right when someone makes a statement on social media that you disagree with. This can lead to an endless series of replies as each person tries to out-argue the other. But is it really so important to be 'right'? Sometimes it's best to be the better person, stop arguing, and just let them feel that they've won the argument.


Some Things Should Only Be Said in Private

Never try to call someone out on social media. If you have a grievance with someone, then express it with them privately. Even if you're right to be annoyed, you should avoid dragging mutual friends into it. Keep your discussions on the topic private, and don't embarrass anyone in public.


Don't Go Looking for Trouble

Finally, don't trawl through someone's social media comments in an attempt to find out something you can use against them. If you go looking for trouble, you're probably going to find it. Unless there's compelling reason to go digging, don't waste your time and energy on looking for dirt.

Social media can be a great tool, but the drama that goes on there is an energy sucker. Just don't get involved - it will only leave you angry and frustrated!

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Am I the only person who thought it said be very 'seductive' instead of 'selective' ?

@lillie omg OMG omg OMG I read it like seductive too.

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