7 Useful Tips on Having a Sober Social Life ...


Whether you’re sober, dry, in recovery or just choose not to drink, it can be quite challenging to have a sober social life. Many social situations involve drinking alcohol and many gatherings revolve around bars and drinks. For the person who chooses to abstain from drinking, these common social situations can get tricky. If you’re trying to adjust to a sober social life or you want to support a friend, check out the helpful tips below!

1. Talk about It

The first tip in having a sober social life is to talk to your friends and family about it. Let the people in your life know what’s going on. This way, you won’t feel uncomfortable or resentful because they didn’t know you weren’t going to drink or didn’t want to go to bars. On the other hand, if don’t feel like sharing this info with others, don’t. Just be prepared to have back-up plans just in case you get in an uncomfortable situation.

Make Other Plans
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