7 Tips for the Snowboarding Beginner ...


So, you're in need of some tips for the snowboarding beginner, because the winter season is once again upon us, and it inspired you to finally learn how to snowboard. Well, it's never too late to learn something new and snowboarding is the perfect winter sport! It can help to improve your balance, foot-eye coordination, and also help to burn those calories you accumulated over the holidays. But, before you hit the slopes, read my 7 tips for the snowboarding beginner, written just for all you snowboarding beginners!

1. Learn Your Snowboard Stance

If you are completely new to the world of snowboarding, (which you obviously are if you're reading tips for the snowboarding beginner) then you need to learn what riding "goofy" or "regular" means and which is right for you. In short, riding "regular" means your left foot is forward and "goofy" means your right foot is forward. An easy way to figure out which type you are is to ask yourself how you would run and slide on ice. If you know which foot you would slide forward with, chances are this is the same foot you would snowboard forward with. You could also try having someone give you a surprise shove from behind. Whichever foot you step forward with first to balance should end up being the foot that goes in front when you get on a board. Most experienced snowboarders have mastered both stances, so whichever you choose doesn't need to be your sole riding style forever.

Snowboard Clothing
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