How to Handle Someone You Just Can't Get along with ...


How to Handle Someone You Just Can't Get along with ...
How to Handle Someone You Just Can't Get along with ...

We’ve all had people in our lives that we just can’t get along with. It sucks, but it’s manageable, even if it feels like it’s not. If you’re currently dealing with someone in your life that you don’t get along with but you don’t know how to handle it, I can help you out. There are so many different methods and ideas that will make your life dealing with this person so much easier!

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Limit Time with Them

If it’s possible for you to do so, limit the time that you spend with them. Even if it’s just a few minor things, you can probably find some ways to limit the time you spend with them. For example, you may have to go to school with this person and you have to see them every day. However, there are little ways that you can spend less time with them that will make your life just a little bit brighter. Don’t volunteer to do a group project with them, avoid spending time with them outside of school, and try to plan your schedule around theirs. It’s not ideal, but it may help you out a little bit!


Hide on Social Media

Sometimes avoiding people in real life is much easier than avoiding them on social media. If you feel like you see them more on Twitter than you do in person, utilize the hide feature. Hide them across all social media networks for a much more carefree social media experience!


Maintain a Happy Face

Be the bigger person here. If you don’t like someone, don’t let it show too much. Instead, act exactly as you would to anyone else. Acting rude, passive, or confrontational. It may seem tempting, but in the long run, it will really just cause you more problems than anything else.


Don’t Let Emotions Overtake You

We’re not really in control of ourselves, our thoughts, and our actions when it comes to people we don’t like very much, right? If you’re someone who often lets your emotions get the best of you, take a step back. When you feel your emotions overpowering your common sense, remove yourself from the situation. Breathe. You’ll go back into the situation with a level head and no regrets.


Don’t Talk about Them

It can be so tempting to want to talk badly about them to everyone you know, but just don’t do it. It may feel good to vent, but there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t do it. First of all, chances are that it will get back to them. Second of all, do you really want to be known as the person who talks badly about other people? It’s just not worth it.


Don’t Let Them Push You around

There is a significant difference between being nice and being a pushover. Don’t let them walk all over you simply because you’re trying to be nice. Be firm and assertive if they’re not treating you with respect. It may be tough to be nice and assertive, but you can do it!


Be Open with the Other People in Your Life

I have often been in situations where I wasn’t getting along with someone, but I didn’t tell anyone in my life, and I spent a lot more time with them in my life than necessary. Make the people in your life aware that you have an issue with this person without “talking bad” about them. They’ll make it a priority to spend less time with that person as well, making it much easier for you.

What’s your biggest tip for removing negative people from your life? It’s definitely not an easy thing to do! Let me know what your tips are in the comments!

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I have this colleague who thinks she could change people or something. She acts like she wants everyone to be what she wants them to be.

Yeah is hard when you live with these people..😔

Silence. Ignore them. It can be done,it took an extensive period of time but my life is quiet without that person involved. Silence is golden.

Excellent article. I usually just smile & slightly nod.

I have one girl that I can't stand, but it's really hard. We have a lot of friends in common, so it's frustrating at times. My best friend and her are really close so I'm not sure what to do. I don't wanna tell him that I don't like her, cause I don't want him getting mad at me, or thinking I'm trying to mess up their friendship.. What should I do?

Currently in the same situation hey , being the person that I am I chose to keep quiet

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