8 Ways to Resolve a Fight with Your BFF ...


8 Ways to Resolve a Fight with Your BFF ...
8 Ways to Resolve a Fight with Your BFF ...

Fights with your best friend can be unbelievably tough. After all, this is the gal who watched cheesy flicks with you after your first breakup and helped you plan every birthday party. But the reality is that no matter how close you two are, everyone has their squabbles. So, before you write your bestie off, here’s how to resolve that fight and get your best pal back in your life.

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A fight with your best friend can make you angry and defensive (it happens to the best of us), but you’ll have to open your heart and mind if you really want her back. There are reasons why you’ve had that argument, so hear her out. Even if you believe that she’s to blame for the battle, give her the chance to explain herself. At the same time, make sure that she gets your side of the story –the first step in resolving any fight is to figure out why it started in the first place!


Acknowledge Your Mistakes

No matter how many times you wish on the brightest star in the night sky, fights with your best friend won’t magically resolve themselves. After figuring out where you’ve both gone wrong, recognize your part in the drama and make an effort to change your ways.


Swallow Your Pride

An “I’m sorry” can jumpstart the healing process, so don’t be too arrogant to take the high road. It takes two to start a bout, but one to extend that olive branch. And don’t you want to be known for your peacemaking ways?


Make a Noticeable Effort

If you want your BFF to believe that working on your friendship is a top priority, you need to make a good, old fashioned effort. No, neither one of you can control a temper nor cease gossiping overnight, but you’ll both notice each other’s determination.


Be Respectful

Fights with your best friend can bring out the worst in you, but you’re going to have to keep your mean side under control if you really want her back in your life. Cursing, yelling, or name-calling will drive her even further away, so step away from Facebook chat and give yourself time to cool off. You’ll thank me in a few days!


Give Her Space

If you’re used to spending every afternoon by your bestie’s side, some time apart can allow you both to cool off and heal. So, if she asks for space, don’t text her every time your crush passes you in the hallway. And if you’re the one who’s been hurt by her mistakes, don’t hesitate to ask for time to pick up the pieces.


Let the Scars Heal

A fight with your best friend can be undeniably painful, but it’ll be a lot worse if you decide to bring up every little thing she’s ever done wrong. Getting back at her for tiffs you’ve had in the past can result in the end of a friendship...for good.


Respect Her Decision

Unfortunately, not all friendships were built to last. If she decides that this relationship is beyond repair, moving on is the only healthy thing to do. Focus on the wonderful, witty, amazing friends you do have and put yourself out there. Who knows –your new BFF could be in that photography club you’ve always wanted to join! On the other hand, if you’re the one to break the friendship, do so in a way that is direct yet compassionate (you don’t want enemies, right?).

Fights with your best friend are never easy. Which tips will you follow when resolving your issues with your BFF? Do you have any of your own to add?

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when i get in fights with my bestie the next day its like it never happend

i cant seee this hurt a lot because we just had this fight today and she called me the b word and i did not say anything trying to be good then i write a note saying im sorry and she told the wole class that shes not gonna forgive me and i have to earn our friend ship back i dont know how to i really dont want to go to school anymore i wanna stay home but if i do illl probaly be called a sissy and im thinking about trying to make a new friend and i think that i will now but hopefuly she will see that i miss her a lot and will come back i have my fingers crossed for that

I had a fight with my bffffl..thts how we see each other Best fantastic fabulous friends for life. He started it..it was a lil argument n for tht i was lk fine fine if u want to hold it hold it.its been fucking three days we r not talking...n idk wt to do😔😣😔we keep txtin the whole day...n now barely 4 msgs a day

the girl on the right looks like Emily from pretty little liars :P n the other kinda like hanna xP thx for the tips,,

I lost my ex best friend one day and it was horrible i was literally fighting with my own self to keep her but I decided to understand that ppl change.

I'm in the sh*t hole so this needs to work

So my once girlie companion changed a little for the edgy 'cooler crowd' and thats all she needed to do... Things werent the same and I finally left our daily routine as BFFS

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