7 Ways You're Accidentally Shutting Others out ...


7 Ways You're Accidentally Shutting Others out ...
7 Ways You're Accidentally Shutting Others out ...

If you feel like you have no friends, don't blame it on your personality. The reason why others aren't inviting you out has nothing to do with how much fun you are or how much they enjoy spending time with you. It has to do with more subtle things, like the way you behave over social media and through texting. Here are a few ways that you're accidentally shutting others out without even realizing it:

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You Don't Respond to Texts Quickly Enough

You Don't Respond to Texts Quickly Enough If your friends text you to hang out, and you don't respond to them for six hours, they probably won't want to hang out anymore. People like promptness. If they know that they're not going to get an answer out of you, then they won't even bother to invite you out in the future. So try to work on your text etiquette.


You Ignore Group Chats

You Ignore Group Chats Group chats can be annoying. However, you don't want to be the only one who reads everything without replying. If you keep quiet, then everyone is going to assume that you don't want to be involved with the group. It's a silly way to lose friends, but it happens.


You Have Negative Body Language

You Have Negative Body Language When you're out with your friends, make it clear that you're having fun. If you have your arms crossed and eyes on your phone, then they'll assume that you'd rather be somewhere else and nobody likes a party pooper. That's why it's important for you to listen to what everyone's saying--and even more importantly, to laugh and smile!


You Never Invite Your Friends over to Hang out

person, screenshot, fomo, through, the, Your friends aren't going to be happy with you if you never bother to make plans. That's why you can't wait for them to ask you to hang out. You need to initiate hangout sessions every once in a while. That way, they'll know that you actually like them enough to seek out their company.


You Keep Your Feelings a Secret

performance, performing arts, entertainment, singing, stage, It's not a crime to tell others how you feel. If you miss your friends, tell them how much you miss them. They aren't going to make fun of you for it. They're probably going to tell you that they miss you, too. If you're honest with them, then it'll show them that you actually do care about them, which will push them to invite you out more.

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You Never Actually Leave the House

You Never Actually Leave the House If you're invited out, you have to go out. If you refuse to leave your house, then it's no wonder why your friends haven't been keeping in contact with you. They don't want to be rejected time and time again.


You Refuse to Use Social Media

You Refuse to Use Social Media It's easy to keep in touch with your friends when you're on social media. That way, you don't even need to take time out to have long conversations with them. You can simply like their photographs and feel like you're actually included in their life.

If you stop doing these tiny little things, your friends will start asking you to hang out with them more often. Then you'll actually feel like you have a thriving social life! Do you inadvertently do these things to shut other people out?

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This is me

Thats deff me but im totally fine

I'm with you rad-dizzle! Same here

This is why my friends hate me🙄 But they do respect that I am the way I am. Friendships are beautiful BUT they're also unique to whoever's maintaining it. There's no such thing as the "perfect friendship". My friends are aware that I'm just a low-maintenance friend, meaning we can be apart for months and come together later as though nothing happened. It's stress-free, and there's no obligation to each other, other than Loyalty, Honesty, and Reliability. To each their own I guess, but if I don't want to text anyone or call anyone, I won't☺️

This is exactly me

I'm an introvert & keep myself to myself. Other people think I'm no fun because I don't go on social media. These comments have help understand I'm not alone with the whole social media situation. This post helped me noticed I've pushed friends away too much & need to start appreciating the friends I have. Thank you x

I definitely need to work on body language.

I do every single one of these things. I never realized I was pushing people away

Oops.. I do all of these except negative body language. I come off as friendly and happy to everyone I meet :)

@Inna same!

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