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7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Friendships ...

By Alicia

Despite your best intentions you may be sabotaging your friendships. It’s good to think about what kind of friend you are from time to time to make sure you’re being the kind of friend you’d want to have. This’s a list of 7 ways you could sabotage your friendships. The good thing about finding out you’re doing any of these things is that you can change it.

1 You’re Neglecting Them

This one usually happens completely by accident. You probably won’t even realize it until you stop to think about it. You may have a huge workload this semester or you’ve been so caught up in the new guy you’re dating that you can’t remember when you last connected with your gal pals. The fix for this is simple. Text them to say hey or set up a time to get coffee together soon.

2 You’re Not Supportive of Their Choices

Your friends need your support the same way you need theirs. It’s important to realize we’re all individuals and going to make different choices in our lives. You aren’t going to agree with everything your friends do or vice versa. But as long as they aren’t making harmful choices or engaging in unsafe activities then give them your support. Your friends will be so grateful to know you’re on their side.

3 You Ignore Them

Ignoring your friends is going to push them away. This’s true whether you’re ignoring them intentionally or unintentionally. It could even be a situation where you’re just not good at responding to texts. Give your friendships attention. This keeps your bonds strong.

4 Saying Everything You Think

This one’s hard, isn’t it? It’s something that I struggle with, too. But the truth is that saying everything you think can cost you your friendships. It’s something that you can work toward, even if you don’t get it perfect. With practice you could even have the filter you’ve always wanted to have!

5 Making It All about You

Friendship is a give and take relationship. You may be in a place where you need a lot from your friends and that’s okay. That’s what friends are for. But make sure that you return the favor when they’re going through something difficult. Being there for your friends will make you closer and make sure that you stay friends for a very long time.

6 Copying Their Style Constantly

I’ve seen this happen in rare instances. It’s perfectly okay to ask a friend where they got something and get the same item for yourself. But it’s not something you want to do constantly. Your friend will feel robbed of their style if you’re trying to have the same one. You’re special and unique just as you are. Be confident in that!

7 Borrowing Money

We aren’t talking about your friend occasionally getting your lunch or borrowing money when you’re out shopping until you can get to the ATM. Those are small things that almost any friend is happy to cover. But you don’t want to make those a daily or weekly habit. It’s also best not to borrow bigger sums of money. Many friendships have ended over borrowed money.

These’re 7 ways you could be sabotaging your friendships. The good news is that you can change any of them. What are some lessons you’ve learned about being a friend?

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