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7 Signs Your Friend is Jealous of You ...

By Jasmine

Have you been seeing clear signs your friend is jealous of you? Maybe they made you feel uncomfortable or belittled in some way. If this is the case, then you may want to reconsider your friendship with them. A friend will never tell you that they're envious of you. Therefore, it's up to you to look out for these subtle indications. Anything that comes off as spiteful, vindictive, and resentful could all be signs your friend is jealous. Check out some of these red flags below.

1 They Imitate You

First on our list is the imitator. Has your friend ever gone and bought the exact same thing you have without even telling you first? There's a difference between a really close friend sharing similar tastes to you and a friend that is clearly copying your every move. If they always seem to want to dress, talk, or act like you, then there may be a problem. If you feel like you can't do one thing different without your friend doing it too, then they may wish to be like you. Don't trust friends who determine their own identity by stealing yours.

2 They Give Insincere Compliments

So, you've just landed that dream job, but all they can say is something like: “Well, this IS the time of year companies hire new workers” or “Girl, you must have really good connections.” Rarely do you hear a sincere “Congrats bestie” or “I'm proud of you.” If their generic compliment is accompanied by an unpleasant attitude, then they could be implying how they really feel about you. Pay close attention to how your friend praises your accomplishments and achievements. If the compliments don't feel genuine, then most likely the friendship is not genuine either.


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3 They Criticize You

A nitpicking friend may not be the type of friend that you need in your life. If they're constantly criticizing you, then that should be enough evidence to kick them to the curve. Hypercritical people are obviously not happy with themselves, so they spew their hate on others. Don't accept their hate as “tough love” or “being real.” Some critical people should just be left alone--especially if everything that comes out of their mouth is negative and judgmental.

4 They Humiliate You in Public

Has your so-called friend ever told your business out in public or made you feel small in front of family and friends? Unfortunately, this behavior may not be a coincidence. The person has done this to you more than once and you can't seem to figure out if their intentions are good or bad. Questioning their harmful words or actions toward you is a definite warning sign that your friend is consumed with pure jealousy.

5 They Stop Staying in Touch

So, they have fallen victim to amnesia and forgotten you exist. When your friend decides to suddenly spend less time with you, it should raise an eyebrow or two. Maybe you've wondered if it's something you have done; but sometimes it can be them and not you. If your happiness always reminds them of their unhappiness, then they'll eventually shy away from you. Whether they're coming up with some lame excuse that they're busy just to miss out on some girl-time, you should question their absence.

6 They Compete with You

Anything you do, they try to do it ten times better. They try to compete with you when it comes to awards and achievements. When it pertains to other mutual friends they try to win their companionship and trust before you do. You decide to bring nachos and dip to a business party and they decide to bring homemade tacos. The signs are there and are completely obvious.

7 They Leave You Hanging

If your friend has ever left you hanging on your special day, then you have a reason to feel hurt. Unless there was an emergency, then there shouldn't be any reason why they can't make it. The most horrible thing is when you both have been talking about planning a particular celebration or gathering for weeks and then they are a no-show. If they didn't give you a heads up or some sort of warning, then they may have missed out on purpose. The same scenario applies to those friends who cause unnecessary drama when they should be supporting you during your happy moment.

Overall, try not to turn your suspicion into complete paranoia. Instead, thoroughly assess the situation before making assumptions that your friend is jealous. Sometimes a friend may mean well, but their words or attitude reveals the complete opposite. What are some other signs of a jealous friend? Have any of these signs ever applied to you?

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