9 Things That Most Definitely Should Be Socially Acceptable ...


9 Things That Most Definitely Should Be Socially Acceptable ...
9 Things That Most Definitely Should Be Socially Acceptable ...

Don't you hate when you want to do something in public, but know that it'll be frowned upon? According to Reddit, here are a few things that should become socially acceptable, so that we'll all have an easier time in life:

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"Taking a Day off from Work Because You Mentally Need It."

sky, cartoon, ecosystem, illustration, If you can take off when you're physically sick, you should be able to take off when you're mentally tired, as well.


"Napping in the Middle of the Day"

"Napping in the Middle of the Day" If children can do it, then why can't we? Us adults are the ones who need it more.


"having Dinner for Breakfast."

cartoon, illustration, Or even better, having breakfast for dinner. Why are certain foods confined to certain hours of the day?


"Not Wearing a Bra."

"Not Wearing a Bra." Most of us hate being stuck in a bra until we get home and can let our boobies loose, so why should we have to wear one at all?


"moving Your Pants when You Have a Wedgie."

"moving Your Pants when You Have a Wedgie." This might sound a little gross, but it would save us a whole lot of trouble when our thongs rode up.


"leaving when You Are Done with Your Work."

"leaving when You Are Done with Your Work." If you don't have anything left to do, why should you have to sit there and pretend you're busy?


"Going to the Cinema Alone."

"Going to the Cinema Alone." There's nothing wrong with going out in public without your friends or partner. More people should get used to this.


"Discussing Salary."

cartoon, art, mural, drawing, illustration, Why is it rude to ask your friend how much money they make? Even worse, why is it inappropriate to ask an employer the question during an interview.


"Saying 'no' to an Invitation without Having to Make up an Excuse."

cartoon, screenshot, illustration, anime, fictional character, If we were allowed to do this, there would be less liars in the world.

What else do you think should be socially acceptable, but isn't?

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Yes!! Being alone in general isn't sad, it means they're independent and that they can handle being alone.

Agree with point no.6! "Time is precious". Why waste your time wandering at your workplace if you're done with your work. Some people sarcastically asked did I look relax. *Ive done my tasks and it's Friday afternoon. For God's sake!

I agree with Adelasingz and disagree with number 6

Breastfeeding in public as well and talking about periods. Both are naturally occurring in most women and necessary.


Lol Love #6!!....if only everyone thought like this lol

I agree; if I have to see a movie alone, I will (Lord willing). No talks about how much I make or others, though. Don't like even recruiters asking how much I make.


I had a guy in middle school, that bullied me for the longest time, well he asked me out. When I said no, him and his friends kept asking why. After awhile I got fed up with it and said "because ____ is a stupid, mother******* idiot, who is a major bully. So in few words, I hate his guts." I felt bad, but it got my point across.

I love to say no I say it and don't give an explanation it's funny how people get uptight

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