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Never do These 7 Things While Wearing Contacts ...

By Holly

If you wear contacts, then you need to be careful. You don't want to end up damaging your eyes. Of course, you don't want to damage your lenses either, because the price of them can really add up. To protect your eyes and your wallet, here are a few things that you should never do while wearing your contact lenses:

1 Apply Hairspray
If you're planning on using hairspray, then you should wait to put in your contact lenses. Do your hair, spray it with whatever you'd like, and then wait for the room to clear before you put in your contacts. Otherwise, you could end up getting the spray stuck to your contacts, even if you keep your eyes closed while you're doing the actual spraying.

2 Go Swimming

Go Swimming You don't want to get water in your eyes. If you do, then your contacts might just fall out, and you don't want to end up losing them at the bottom of the pool. Of course, it's even worse to get chlorine in them, which is what swimming pools are filled with. That's why you should wear your glasses in the pool, or just go without your eye gear completely. There's not much you need to see in a tiny swimming pool anyway. You should be able to manage without them for the short period of time that you're in the water.

3 Sleep

Sleep This is the biggest mistake that contact wearers make! However, you should never fall asleep in your contacts, even if it's only for an hour or two. If you're going over your boyfriend's house and think that you might take a midday nap together, then you should bring along your contact case, solution, and glasses. It's better to be safe than sorry, so always pack your eye gear with you!

4 Rub Your Eyes

Rub Your Eyes You don't want to rub your eyes in general. Of course, it's even more unhealthy to rub your eyes while you're wearing contacts. Besides, you don't want to mess up your makeup, do you? If that happens, not only will you look silly, but you might end up getting pieces of your eyeliner and mascara into your eyes.

5 Shower

Shower You shouldn't step into the shower while wearing your contacts, even if you think that you can keep the water out of your eyes. You never know when the water will splash into your face. You could even end up with shampoo or conditioner in your eyes, which isn't good for your eyes or your contact lenses.

6 Cry

Cry Contacts don't do well in water, even if that water is coming from your own eyes. That's why you should try to avoid crying while you're wearing contacts. If you're going to a funeral, or planning on breaking up with your boyfriend, then you should stick to wearing your glasses.

7 Ride in Open Cars

Ride in Open Cars You don't want to ride in a convertible with its top down if you're wearing your contacts. Why? Because all of that wind is unhealthy. That's why you should bring a pair of sunglasses to place over your contacts or just stick to wearing your glasses for the day.

If you want to see clearly, then you need to treat your contacts the right way. Do you wear contact lenses?

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