9 Things You Should Keep Secret ...


9 Things You Should Keep Secret ...
9 Things You Should Keep Secret ...

Things You Should Keep Secret are not always Christmas presents and surprise birthday parties. No, there are a few other things in life worth keeping on the down-low from time to time. I've written this list with 9 things you should keep secret-and believe me, many of these are from experience! Most of them are experiences I would rather forget, but let's just say you live and you learn. So here's YOUR chance to learn from MY mistakes with this list of things you should keep secret!

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After-Work Plans

If you start dishing to your boss about the hot date you have planned after 6 p.m., don't you think she will be a bit suspicious when you call in with the "24-hour virus" the next day? Besides, there's always the annoying copy girl who wants to invite herself along for every after-work outing she catches wind of, so best remember that after-work plans are one of the things you should keep secret!


Your Sizable Back Yard

If everyone in your office and your church AND your yoga class discovers that you have a large backyard with a patio and a lovely flower garden and a nice pretty swimming pool then you will be forever bombarded with endless requests to host baby showers and retirement parties and grill-outs for the rest of your life. That's something I'm sure you can do without unless of course you are a party planner. My suggestion is to keep the huge backyard limited to family enjoyment only and save yourself a lot of work!


When You Start a Diet

When you start a diet, it's nice to have the encouragement of family and friends, but diets are one of the things you should keep secret. Your family and friends will applaud you for staying healthy, but what happens when you decide halfway through your diet that you don't want to diet anymore? Then you have to tell everybody that you're NOT on a diet anymore and nobody likes doing that!


An Inappropriate Joke

There have been times I have heard inappropriate jokes and considered them quite funny, but those times were few and far between. And when it comes to making inappropriate jokes yourself? Steer clear of that dark alley! Many potential boyfriends, jobs and insane opinions could have been saved if only cracking inappropriate or not-so-funny jokes would have been out of the picture!


Whom You Plan to Invite to Your Party

You should have no need whatsoever to disperse the guest list amongst other guests. When I throw a party, I invite the friends and family closest to me because I want them there, not because Aunt Sally wants them there. Your friends may try to pressure you into inviting THEIR friends or tell you that they don't want to come if you invite so-and-so. The best way around this problem is to think of the guest list as one of the things you should keep secret!


That You Had Therapy

We've all made mistakes in our lives. And yes, bad things happen to good people. There's no shame in needing someone to help you work through emotions and talk about past incidents in your life. But this is one of the things you should keep from co-workers or new friends, at least for a while. People form opinions based on face value and it may take a little while of getting to know you before they could knock that first opinion.


Your Love Life

The only people that should know the intimate details of what goes on in your bedroom are those involved and of course your Gynecologist. You don't need to spread all the details amongst your girlfriends! Especially if you are in a loving, committed relationship such as marriage. How would you feel if you knew your husband was telling all of his friends intimate details about the two of you?


Your Income

This one is almost a no-brainer of the things you should keep secret. Discussing budgets and incomes usually only turns into a "who-makes-more" debate or leaves you feeling depressed that you can't afford the things you would like. Besides, it's nobody's business what you bring home! And Uncle Henry may put the pressure on you to donate to his cause if he finds out you make more than he thought!


Other People's Secrets

Other people's secrets are probably the most important things you should keep to yourself. If a friend or relative trusts you with information or confides in you, that trust could be broken and the friendship severed if you let their secrets out. This one I know from experience. It's best to keep your lips sealed when others confide in you, unless it's life threatening or endangering information!

After reading my list of things you should keep secret, can anyone raise a slightly guilty hand and admit to "spilling the beans" on any of these before? I know I can! But even if you do slip up, it's not the end of the world! Now you just know the things you should keep secret in the NEXT conversation you start! When thinking about what kinds of things you should keep secret, just consider that if you wouldn't want to hear about a certain subject, then you probably shouldn't talk about it either.

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