9 Things Not to Say via Text Message ...


9 Things Not to Say via Text Message ...
9 Things Not to Say via Text Message ...

Text Messaging Tips are sometimes hard to take. With this generation constantly shooting off countless numbers of texts a day, it can be hard to keep track of what you are writing – and to who. This year is the first year that I've started to text heavily and I have to say, there aren't a whole lot of text messaging tips out there for what not to say in a text. Well ladies, don't worry, I've come up with the top 9 text messaging tips to help you when you're starting to break into texting!

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Breaking up

Breaking up One of the first text messaging tips that I'm going to talk about is breaking up. DO NOT – yes, I repeat, do not break up via text message. Breaking up is such a personal thing and texting your boy/girlfriend to break up with them is so not personal and it's pretty insulting.


Coming out

Coming out Love is love, it doesn't matter who you love but if you are thinking about coming out to your friends, family – mom and dad, don't do it through a text message! This is one of the text messaging tips that I really believe in fully – coming out is a conversation face-to-face, not through a few words on a screen. So bite the bullet and call your parents over for brunch if you are going to come out to them.


I'm Pregnant

I'm Pregnant Whether this is good or bad news, this is one of the text messaging tips that you should totally follow: don't tell your parents you're pregnant over text! If it is bad news, they are probably going to be upset and if it's good news, they will want to share in the good news with you. So pick up the phone or go see them!


Serious Health Issues

Serious Health Issues While text messaging might be an easy way to get the word out, if it is about some serious health issues or someone got in a car accident – call instead of text. While I love to text my mom to let her know I'm okay, I couldn't imagine texting her that I was in the hospital. Whenever health is concerned and it could be bad news, make sure you're picking up the phone!


Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement If you just got engaged – why hold in the excitement and just shoot off a text message? Call your friends, call your family and let them know! I promise, they'll want to share in the excitement with you and know all of the little details that you just can't send via text message.



Trash-Talking Oh-em-gee, this one got me in trouble. So one time, I was trash-talking to a friend of mine via text message. Instead of sending it to my BFF I was trash talking to, I actually sent it to the friend I was talking about. Sound familiar? Just keep the trash talking to a phone call and you'll never have to cover up your tracks again!


Bad News

Bad News This is one of the text messaging tips that goes hand-in-hand with not texting serious health issues, however – it should go for all bad news. So you found out you didn't get the job, you found out you got fired, found out that your dog died … don't text it, call someone! I promise, it'll be better all around and you'll feel better in no time at all.


You're Fired

You're Fired Maybe you are the boss and you utilize texting to keep your assistant in line. If that sounds like you, don't use text messages to fire them. If they are truly fired for a good reason, sit them down and explain it to them – it'll be so much more personal!


Drunk Texting

Drunk Texting Finally, let's move onto the most popular – drunk texting! I've been the victim of so many drunk texts from my BFF and I have to say … sometimes it's horrible! Half the time, I can't understand what the text message means and the other half, he doesn't respond back because he's passed out. As a victim of constant drunk texting … just don't do it!

Texting is awesome – don't get me wrong, I text all the time, but I do follow most of these text messaging tips. Texting shouldn't be annoying, it should be used as a quick and easy way to communicate when you're bored and looking for a friend to entertain you. What text messaging tips do y'all use? Do you have any I missed?

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