7 Worst Tattoos That You Should Never Get ...


7 Worst Tattoos That You Should Never Get ...
7 Worst Tattoos That You Should Never Get ...

Worst Tattoos are so scary to think about! I know when I got my tattoo, I was scared that people would think it was one of the worst tattoos out there. That's what got me thinking: what are some of the worst tattoos out there that people are getting? Well ladies, I got a list!

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Roseanne Barr's Face

Oh Tom Arnold. Yes, he is #1 on our list. If you are going to get a tattoo – keep in mind what you are getting! Roseanne Barr's face is definitely one of the worst tattoos that I've ever seen. Poor Tom, he's stuck with it for life now.


Pooh Bear

While I love Pooh Bear. While I love the story behind it – Pooh tattoos are some of the worst tattoos out there. Not only are they a little cliche, but they are also childish.


Star Wars

I know. Star Wars is popular. I get it, but a tattoo? Come on guys and gals, a Star Wars tattoo has got to be one of the worst tattoos out there! The force shouldn't be with you when you are getting inked up with a tattoo 70 years down the way, you are probably going to regret getting.


TV Shows

I love Glee. I'm a huge fan of everything reality. That doesn't mean I need to get it tattooed! If you love a TV show, don't get a tattoo of it on your body. It's permanent and you'll probably end up regretting it!


Inside Joke Tattoos

I'm all for inside jokes. What happens when you get one tattooed on your body? Nobody but you and the other person that knows the inside joke can understand it!


Stick Figures

I love stick figures – when I'm playing Hangman. That's about the only time when stick figures are acceptable. If you are thinking about getting a stick figure tattoo – you might want to rethink it, 'cause seriously ladies, I think it is definitely one of the top worst tattoos out there!


Warning Labels

I actually think that warning label tattoos are pretty cool looking – if they have the right warning on them. If you're considering getting a warning label tattoo – read the fine print and get a cool looking one! I promise, there are cool looking warning label tattoos.

I am all for tattoos; in fact, I have three of them myself. If you're putting something permanent on your body though, make sure that you love it! If you happen to love one of these worst tattoos – that's okay! What do you ladies think? What types of worst tattoos have you seen?

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There is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo for Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars, or basically any of the things you listed. There is no wrong tattoo unless the person wearing the ink doesn't like it, it's art for them that tells the story of their life.

But surely if any of these things mean something to the person getting tattooed then it's fine? Like Pooh-Bear? Or the inside joke thing? Who cares if other people don't understand, I don't get tattoos for the benefit of other people.

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