9 Bad Habits to Avoid when You Live Alone ...


9 Bad Habits to Avoid when You Live Alone ...
9 Bad Habits to Avoid when You Live Alone ...

Before you move out, you should know that there are bad habits to avoid. I’m going to admit: when I moved out, I had these bad habits too, but I soon learned that they can create only more problems for me. Here are some bad habits to avoid:

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Leaving up Decorations

This is definitely one of the bad habits to avoid! Do you get annoyed when people don’t take down their Christmas lights? I am so guilty of leaving birthday party decorations up six months after the party (they’re so colorful!) and leaving my holiday decorations up past January (it’s so festive!). Trust me: if you don’t take it down soon, you never will. I still have my mini white Christmas tree up at my parent’s house. I dodge their nagging by changing it into a Valentine’s Day tree, then St. Patty’s tree, etc. Don’t be like me. Take down your tree!


Letting Your Dirty Dishes Pile up

This is just disgusting. Things get moldy, which makes them even harder to clean. Also, why would you want to leave more work for yourself later? Just get it over with and life will be so much easier!


Not Changing Your Bed Sheets Regularly

The only exception is if you are sick, injured, or live in a ridiculously tiny dorm room. The recommended rule is every week! Who knew? I wash my pillowcases more often, as oils and gross things stick to them.


Eating or Drinking Straight from the Container

I have only done this with cereal, but I see some people drinking straight from their wine bottles. You own twenty wine glasses. Why are you doing this?


Being a Hermit

When you move out, you have your own place, and you’ll love it. And then you’ll want to spend all your time in it. Just because that’s the case and you really want to binge watch Netflix doesn’t mean that you should just cave in. I did this and noticed that it only gets harder to break the habit. Plus, I gained weight. Try going out with some friends or hitting the gym!


Eating so Much Food

Back to #5. What do people do when they binge watch Netflix? Eat a lot of food and then whole cartons of ice cream. This, ladies, is incredibly dangerous!


Not Cleaning Your Bathroom and Kitchen

These are places that you use every single day. Do you really want to cook in a moldy kitchen or get ready in front of scattered makeup? Find some organizers, crack open a package of Clorox wipes, and get cleaning! If you absolutely cannot clean, at least hire a housekeeper!



Take out the trash at least once a week! Don’t ever forget. Otherwise, things just pile up. My freshman roommate was a hoarder, and our sides of the room were completely different worlds. Mine was clean, I washed my clothes, and threw out my trash. She was the complete opposite. So when I moved out, I promised myself to never ever be like her and reach her level of laziness.


Hoarding isn't just about being disorganized; it can seriously affect your quality of life. Remind yourself that your home deserves to be a sanctuary, not a storage unit. Curate your belongings regularly and if something hasn’t been used in a year and holds no sentimental value, consider saying goodbye. It’s not just about laziness; hoarding can create an environment ripe for pests and contributes to unnecessary stress. Live with what you love and need, and your home will thank you for it. Remember, simplicity often leads to a clearer mind and a more inviting space.


Being Too Lazy and Sleeping Too Much

Speaking of laziness, make sure you don’t give in to sleeping too much! My freshman roommate, yes, her again, would have to wake up early for ROTC training, and then she would literally spend every living moment in her bed. She never got out. So when you move out, be cautious of not being too lazy. Naps are fine, but sleeping on the couch right after you get out of bed is not!

These are some bad habits that you should try to avoid when you live alone. Living alone is an experience of a lifetime and there will definitely be things that you will learn. Do/did you have any of these bad habits?

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I moved out of home in my early 20s and I avoided every single one of these bad habits. I think how you live at home with your parents is a great representation of how you'll be once you move out on your own. Probably a better idea to ditch these habits prior to moving out of home cos there is a lot more to manage when you're out on your own.

Hahaha! My mother leaves holiday decorations by 365 days of the year. I prefer don't put decorations, I'm too lazy to take them down.

omg! I sleep and eat too much and gained a tonn of weight! I'm Definately going to start hitting the gym!

@nazzy b This is so true, 😀

that's true !!having this bad habit problems with my housemate she used to be my besties , argh !! lazy ass to do her duty clean up her own's pets boo boo end up I kick her out from my house

U don't hit the gym!! Gym should hit u

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