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There are many things you should stop doing to yourself, but today we are going to chat about 8 particularly important ones. Being tough on ourselves seems to be something that we all do often, although then we're left wishing we hadn’t judged ourselves so harshly. So let’s all start today, working on bettering ourselves and our emotional futures. Here are 8 things we should stop doing to ourselves… After all, we are the only ones who can get us to our dreams.

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Trying to Be Someone You’re Not

Quit trying to strive for someone else’s persona. Be yourself. I bet you’ll be surprised by how many more people want to be around you. Trying to be someone you’re not is like reaching for an apple and wishing it will taste like an orange. You’re bound to be disappointed by each and every bite. Today, put on clothes that you love, wear make-up that you feel beautiful in and do things that you know you’re best at and get fulfillment out of.


Holding Grudges

Holding hate is never a good thing. The type of energy that goes into hating someone or something will wear on you and you’ll start to live it, feel it and be it each and every day. Everyone around you knows you have something on your mind and they're left feeling uncomfortable. If you’re going to hold onto something, have it be a cupcake. Life’s far too short to hold a grudge so let it go and be the bigger person.


Trying to Be Perfect

What is perfect anyway? Flip through the pages of a magazine and you will get a good idea of what society believes perfection should be. In all honestly, perfection resides in your heart. Follow your dreams and perfection will always be around you. Trust in what you love and it will take you to where you need to be. We all need to quit being tough on ourselves, and love ourselves for who we are.


Saying “I’m Fine”

"Hey, how are you?" "I’m fine, thanks. How are you?" Starting a conversation with a lie is never a good first step. Next time someone greets you, don’t robot the conversation. Be honest, say how you truly feel and have a conversation worth being a part of. I find that in this day and age, everyone is always in a rush. Instead, you need to stop, smell the roses and make memories.


Stressing out

I’m sure you are all well aware that stress can kill, literally. Stress can bring on so many health issues, physically and mentally. Now I’m not here to say “don’t stress,” I’m here to say “learn how to deal with stress.” Each night before you lay down your head to sleep, put it to rest. Let everything in your mind go and end your day knowing tomorrow will be better.



Besides being just wrong, lying is never an accessory that looks good on any woman. Being caught in a lie will only have you looking and sounding your worst. Live your life honestly and good things will come your way. Respect life and all positive things will be sure to find you. Lying is no doubt one of the things you should stop doing to yourself.


Holding Back in Fear

Your dreams will be blocked as long as you allow fear to grow. Fear is all in our heads and it affects us first mentally and second physically. Allow yourself each and every day to do something you fear. Don’t let your own mind stand in your way. Just think, you will be the only one to blame for a dream blocked by fear.



We all can feel jealous now and again, it’s only human nature. But let’s know how to deal with it, put it behind us and be what betters us in the end. Not only are these things you should stop doing to yourself, but we should help others who struggle with these issues too. Don’t think you’re the only one: we woman are all on this journey together.

These 8 things you should stop doing to yourself only start to scratch the surface. What are some other things we should do to stop being so tough on ourselves? I would love to hear your points and opinions about how to better our personal beings. I know I could use the pep talk every now and again.

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This is awesome!!!

I tried everything and nothing works!!!!! Is it normal if your boyfriend doesn't kiss you back if you kiss him for the second time? Because my "boyfriend" did this. Well we did start dating last Friday but, still. Please help me please please PLEASE help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey girlfriends! loving this site x If my husband suggests outdoor sex what should I do? I love him but I feel the the graveyard is a little extreme or am I being a prude. He is a preacher btw

Honey, first of all I want to say, RELAX. If you've only been dating that long he's just probably not ready. My husband sometimes doesn't kiss me back and almost every time I say "I love you" first. Those things don't mean he doesn't care it means you show your care in different ways.

To me, it is a tad strange that this new guy you are dating doesn't kiss you back. I hate to speculate negatively, but can it be that he is not that into you?? I am very sorry if I have upset you with my speculation

Yes, that just mean you shown your love in difference way. So don't worry too much just let it be.

Wish I could contain my jealousy and raise my self esteem so I don't push my bf away

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