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7 Social Networking Habits to Avoid ...

By Stephanie

Because the internet has become so vast, having good social networking habits has become essential. Don’t get me wrong, ladies; I love my social networks! It’s just that social networks are not only home for hackers, but other criminals as well, and it’s best to keep your information safely secured. But if you’re one of those social network junkies (like myself!), the following social networking habits listed below will help you avoid social mishaps in the future.

1 Making Your Profile Public

This is one of the top social networking habits to avoid. If anyone can view your profile, that means anyone. And if you take a moment to think about it, that’s actually kind of creepy. Anybody from around the world can see your pictures, posts, videos, you name it. Yikes! My best advice is to set your profile that only mutual friends of yours can find you when they search your name. It’s safer, but still allows your friends to find you. And that’s who you really want viewing your profile, right?

2 Posting Your Address

I just don’t think posting private information on a social network is needed. If one of your friends wants your address, tell them in person or on the phone. Don’t publicly post it on your social networking profile. Because once again, you never know who will read that information and show up at your doorstep. Plus, that could be people you do know or pure strangers and they may have some pretty darn awful timing.

3 Publishing Your Location

I hate the location feature on Facebook just because that means that people know where you are. I mean, do they really need to know? And if your profile is public, that means anyone can find you. Now, isn’t that kind of scary? This might lead to kidnappings or unexpected visitors showing up to meet you. Luckily, you can turn off the feature.

4 Adding People You Don’t Personally Know

I bet many people have fallen victim to this one. A friend of a friend of a friend requests you to be his or her friend. You accept but you haven’t actually met this person, you just assume he or she is a pretty decent person. Well, that sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? It seems like a nice gesture to accept these people as friends, but you could be getting yourself in some trouble if this person ends up using your information to instigate drama or something more serious.

5 Giving out Your Password

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with your boyfriend for two years or not, just don’t give out your password to anyone. You never know if you’re going to break up and then that person will go ahead and post nasty things on your social networking profile. Plus, what happens if that person loses the piece of paper where they wrote down your password? It could fall into the wrong hands.

6 Posting Risqué Pictures

It’s pretty well known that employers are looking at your social network profiles, so why would you want to have risqué pictures posted? When looking for a job, employers are not going to want to see half-naked party shots. You want to put your best foot forward. Treat your social networking profile as a pre-interview.

7 Causing Drama

How many times have you seen people picking fights on a social network? Yikes. Ladies, pleases abstain from causing drama, especially about co-workers or your job. Information spreads fast, so keep your deepest darkest secrets to yourself (or at least off of the internet).

So, ladies, how do you protect your social networking profiles? Are you victim to any of these bad habits? If so, which ones?

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