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7 Careless Types of People You'll See on the Road ...

By Holly

When you’re driving, you’re bound to see harmful types of people on the road. There are some who completely ignore the law and make the streets a dangerous place. They cause accidents due to their own carelessness. Don’t become one of their victims and beware of the following types of people on the road.

1 Speed Racer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going the speed limit or thirty miles over it, these people will go around you. They’ll make it their personal mission to be one of the fastest types of people on the road. They want to get to their destination as quickly as possible, but risk not making it there at all. Speed racers are cop and accident magnets. If someone wants to race around, they should exert their energy at the racetrack.

2 Tailgater

Some people come too close for comfort. When you get tailgated, there’s pressure to increase your speed. But even if you do, they’ll follow your lead. Remember that they can always go around you. If you’re in one lane, pull to the side and let them pass. You don’t want to spend your entire drive worrying about getting rear-ended.

3 Mixed Signals

Turn signals are an important part of driving that some seem to ignore. When people cut around you without warning, it can be terrifying. Others put on their signals in the middle of the turn. Their purpose is to alert other drivers of your intention. It’s pointless to switch them on after it’s already clear what you’re doing. Do the safe thing and use your signals before you turn.

4 Turtle

Sometimes you’ll be stuck behind someone that believes slow and steady wins the race. They’ll stay below the speed limit and you’ll stay stuck behind them for miles. This usually happens when you’re already late for school or work. It’ll put you in a bad mood and your boss in an even worse one if you end up being late. Try to leave your house early if you know you have to be somewhere on time. You never know when a slowpoke will pop up in front of you.

5 The Drunk

If someone’s swerving all over the road, there’s a good chance that they’re under the influence. Avoid them. You don’t want to end up hurt by their stupidity. There’s no reason to drink and drive when taxis and designated drivers exist. So be careful and pull over to call the police if you need to.

6 Road Rager

Mistakes are unavoidable. If you do something that makes another driver upset, don’t let them get to you. You never know who is behind the wheel. They could be carrying a weapon in their car and decide to use it if you rile them up enough. If the worst thing they do is give you the finger, don’t take it personally. They might be having a rough day and are just using you as an outlet for releasing their anger.

7 Full House

You know those cars you can hear from a mile away? They’ll typically have speakers blasting loud music and a group of teens packed inside. These distractions can be dangerous. Of course, teenagers aren’t the only culprits. Adults do the same. And parents with chattering children are equally distracting.

When you see the types of people I’ve described, be cautious. You don’t want to wind up in an accident caused by someone else’s mistake. What do you hate that other drivers do?

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