7 Crummy Events That Can Ruin Your Day ...

By Holly

7 Crummy Events That Can Ruin Your Day ...

Even if you’re having the time of your life, there are events that can ruin your day. They give you a sinking feeling in your stomach that you wish you could swat away. Things happen that we can’t control, but we have to learn to deal with them. As upsetting as it is, everyone can relate to these events that can ruin your day.

Table of contents:

  1. Crushed by Crush
  2. Rainy Days
  3. Never-ending Chores
  4. Helpless Hair
  5. Heavy Traffic
  6. Electronic Mishaps
  7. Food Letdown

1 Crushed by Crush

When you have a crush on someone, they possess the ability to ruin your day in a single moment. If you find out he has a girlfriend, you’re crushed. But that’s not all. You could simply hear him flirting with another girl or checking one out. One of the events that can ruin your day is seeing your crush with someone, when you wish he was with you.

2 Rainy Days

At one point or another, the rain will ruin your plans. If you want to go out to the beach or have a party outdoors, the weather can destroy your fun. Something that you’ve been looking forward to for weeks can be canceled after a short rain shower. Mother Nature isn’t always on our side, and isn’t afraid to make you upset. Why do you think “rain rain go away” is such a popular nursery rhyme?

3 Never-ending Chores

You could wake up feeling great, until you remember all of the responsibilities that you have. When you have chores and homework to do, it can be difficult to enjoy your day. You’re either focusing on your tasks or worrying about completing them. By the time you finish everything, you’re worn out and ready for bed. Just enjoy the free time that you have, no matter how short it is.

4 Helpless Hair

Some days, our hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. If you’re leaving the house, you want to look your best. Great hair makes you feel more confident, so when it’s messy, that confidence waivers. When you’re forced to put on a hat or stick your hair into a ponytail, you feel less willing to face the day. As silly as it sounds, hair can make or break your day.

5 Heavy Traffic

Traffic can ruin your chances of getting to your destination on time. It’s frustrating to be stuck on one street for a half hour. If the people around you are driving recklessly, it makes the experience even worse. If you end up being late to work or school, you’re not going to be happy for the rest of the day. Traffic can be the start of an unraveling day.

6 Electronic Mishaps

If your Internet connection isn’t working or your phone battery dies, it can feel like the world is ending. What if someone needs to contact you? What if you need to look something up? How are you supposed to check your Tumblr? We’ve come to rely on electronics so much that living without them seems impossible.

7 Food Letdown

Food is a source of pleasure. Think about your absolute favorite meal. Don’t you love when you come home to find it on the table? If you’re looking forward to eating a certain snack all day and come home to find the cabinets are empty, you have permission to be grumpy. Sometimes we crave a certain food, and are upset when it’s denied to us.

It’s never fun to have a good day ruined by something so small. Have any of the things on this list ever happened to you? What are some other little things that have ruined your day?

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