9 Adorable Accessories for Your Desk ...


9 Adorable Accessories for Your Desk ...
9 Adorable Accessories for Your Desk ...

With these adorable accessories for your desk, you might not dread going to work so much. You spend a good portion of your weekday sitting at your desk, so you might as well decorate to fit your personality. Space is limited so you have to find desk accessories that are cute and functional. That is where these necessary accessories for your desk come in. Add these to your office and you might even see an improvement in your work.

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Personalized Stationery

You will be taking notes all day at work, so naturally personalized stationery should be one of the top accessories for your desk. Sticky notes and notepads are a staple of any office desk, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and simple. It is so easy to go online and customize your own stationery to make your desk stand out and reflect your personality. I personally love notes that have my monogram on them, so people always know where my notes are coming from.


Pencil Holder

You can be simple and use a mug to hold your pencils, or you can get a unique and adorable pencil holder to keep your desk neat and organized. This is a great chance to bring your DIY skills to your desk. Paint a glass bottle with chalkboard paint and write any message you want on your new pencil holder. Or empty out an old candleholder and use the decorative case as one. If DIY isn’t your thing, there are tons of adorable pencil holders that you can use to brighten up your desk.


Lucite Tray

Clutter is one of the worst things you can have on your desk. It is distracting and makes you look unorganized. Beat the clutter with an adorable Lucite tray. It can hold all of your knick-knacks and tons of miscellaneous paperwork, without looking too messy. There are plain Lucite trays you can buy, but there are also adorable trays with monograms, polka dots, chevron, and tons of other designs to fit your style.



So it isn’t a necessary desk accessory, but it is still cute to have. You spend your entire day cooped up in an office, so bring the outside to you! You can treat yourself to fresh cut flowers once a week and enjoy the sweet smell of nature at your desk. Or you can buy fake flowers and never have to worry about replacing them. They will add a cheerful aspect to your desk and be a focal point anytime someone visits you at work.


Inspiration Board

You might stick to the plain old bulletin board, but an inspiration board is ten times more fun! It can include the memos you would put on your bulletin board, but you can also add in pictures of friends and family, and images that simply inspire you. It is easy to get frustrated at work, but an inspiration board will keep you motivated all day long.


Charging Station

Our lives run on technology. Laptops, phones, and tablets are a staple of any work day. Make sure all of your devices are fully charged for your day with a simple charging station on your desk. It hides all of the unsightly chords your devices need in a simple station. You can even use it for storage and organization. There is no downside to having a great charging station on your desk.


Stacking Boxes

I personally cannot get any work done at a messy desk. That is why I am a huge fan of stacking boxes. You can put away important documents, without having to deal with those boring file boxes. They come in all sorts of designs so you are guaranteed to find one that fits your office décor. You can place them on your desk as an added element, or place them underneath your desk if you are cramped for space.


Planning Calendar

Even if you are addicted to your planners, a desk calendar is a great investment for your desk. You can easily look at your entire month in one simple glance. Fill in events right while you are on the phone and easily know what you have coming up in the week. It might take a tiny bit more effort to make sure your planner and desk calendar match up, but that just means you will be even more prepared for whatever work can throw at you.



You never spend the entire day just at your desk. You are running around from meeting to meeting, probably losing papers along the way. That is why a padfolio is one of the necessary accessories for your desk. It is a simple way to store and carry all the important files you need for the day. They all range in style, but they can include a place for a notepad, pencils, phone storage, and even a tablet! It has everything you need to make a great first impression at any meeting.

Work can be long, dull, and boring, so the least you can do is have a fun desk to perk up your day. All of these adorable accessories for your desk are fun but also incredibly useful. They will make your desk your own and slightly less miserable to be at. What did you think of these adorable accessories for your desk? What are some other desk accessories you think are necessary? Do you think a desk should be solely functional or have a fun aspect to it?

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