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17 Things Women do That Are Unintentionally Sexy ...

By Lyndsie

Women are sexy. Furthermore, we're sexy 👠 in all kinds of ways. Every woman, in fact, is sexy 👠 in her own 🈶 way, every woman 🙎 defines sexiness in her own 🈶 way, and every woman 👩 exhibits sexiness in her own 🈶 way. There are quite a few things women 🎎 do that are unintentionally sexy, though. That's how sexy 👠 we are – we're sexy 👠 without even trying, without even knowing that we're sexy. The next time ⏳ you're feeling less than amazing, the next time 🕣 you're doubting that you're a sensual, passionate, gorgeous creature, remember that the things that come naturally to you are probably your sexiest attributes.

1 Having a Sense of Humor

Having a Sense of Humor There is nothing sexier than making someone laugh. You might have a ribald sense of humor, a sharp 🔪 and witty one, or a low-key, dry sense of humor – whatever it is, it's hot.

2 Being Optimistic

Being Optimistic Can confirm, although it's purely anecdotal. I ℹ️ am usually the most pessimistic 😥 girl 💁 ever, and on 🔛 the rare occasions I'm optimistic about something, Heather thinks it's sexy 👠 as hell.

3 Loving ❤️ Your Body

Loving ❤️ Your Body Love 👬 your curves, your straight lines, your sharp 🔪 angles, your soft edges. Love 💚 your scars, your stretch marks, your best features, and your problem areas.

4 Spotlighting Your Brilliance

Spotlighting Your Brilliance Showing off 📴 your intelligence is so sexy. I ℹ️ don't mean being a show-off or a know-it-all or anything, but whatever because when you're smart 👔 and you're right, someone will always think you're being pretentious. Screw 🔩 'em. Never hold 📞 back 🔙 your intelligence. Never be ashamed of how smart 👔 you are.

5 The Turn 🎲 Away Hair 💇 Flick

The Turn 🎲 Away Hair 💇 Flick All right, this one's a little shallow, but it's something most of us do, even if we have short hair, and there definitely is something sexy 👠 about it.

6 Biting Your Lower ⬇️ Lip

Biting Your Lower ⬇️ Lip To be fair, it's sexy 👠 when anyone does this.

7 A Yawn 😪 or a Stretch in Bed

A Yawn 😪 or a Stretch in Bed Same. Seeing someone you like, desire, or love 💜 looking all languid and relaxed in bed is … yum.

8 Your Glasses

Your Glasses Hopefully, you know this. If you're still at the stage where you worry that your glasses 👓 are unflattering, let me tell you this: they're not. They're so cute.

9 When Your Head 👦🏽 Fits Perfectly under Her or His Chin

When Your Head 👦🏽 Fits Perfectly under Her or His Chin See? Totally unintentional, but the way you fit with your lover 💖 is just special – and so sexy.

10 Blushing

Blushing It feels awful while you're doing it, doesn't? But apparently it's pretty adorable!

11 Standing on 🔛 Your Toes to Reach Something

Standing on 🔛 Your Toes to Reach Something APPARENTLY THIS IS SEXY, TOO. Or so I'm told every time 🕥 Heather catches me up 👆 on 🔘 my tiptoes, trying to use BBQ 🍖 tongs to reach something on 🔘 the top 🔝 shelf.

12 Adjusting Your Skirt a Little Bit

Adjusting Your Skirt a Little Bit Good 👍 to know that the fear of flashing panty or walking 🚶 around with our skirt stuck to the backs of our thighs is sexy.

13 The PJ Look

The PJ Look I'm damn glad to know this because I ℹ️ basically wear 👖 pajamas all day 🌞 long. Take 🎬 a shower, change into new 🆕 pajamas, the cycle 🔃 continues.

14 A Simple Touch to the Chest

A Simple Touch to the Chest Sometimes, the simple, natural gestures are the sexiest.

15 The Eyes 👀 Have It All

The Eyes 👀 Have It All Of course, they do.

16 Sweat 💦 Pants 👖 and a Ponytail

person, hair, singer, red ⭕ hair, ANDERSON, Actually, any time 🕙 you're completely comfortable 👟 in what you're wearing, it's sexy.

17 When You Get Slightly Mad

When You Get Slightly Mad Also good 👍 to know. I'm not necessarily slightly angry 😡 all the time ⌛ or anything, but my face 👨 makes it look like 👍 I ℹ️ am.

You're sexy 👠 when you smile, when you open 🈳 yourself up, and when you simply exist as yourself, happy 😄 and contented with the skin you're in.

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