7 Simple Ways to Turn Your Home into a Haven of Peace and Tranquility ...


7 Simple Ways to Turn Your Home into a Haven of Peace and Tranquility ...
7 Simple Ways to Turn Your Home into a Haven of Peace and Tranquility ...

There are some simple ways to turn your home into a haven of peace and tranquility. Your home should be a place you can return to after a long day at work and unwind or a place where you can feel zen-like all day. Of course, in today's frenetic world, that's not always possible, but have you ever thought about the ways in which your living space could be affecting your mood and energy? Obviously, Feng Shui principles can help alter the energy in the home and ensure that the spaces in which you live and work are conducive to relaxation and peace of mind. Here are some simple ways to turn your home into a haven.

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Simplicity is the Key

A tidy space equals a tidy mind! Well, that's what my mum always used to tell me, but I think that was just so I would go and tidy my room. She had a point though. Ensure you keep clutter to a minimum because it can have a jarring effect on the mind if there is too much going on in one space. I find that if my desk is cluttered or I haven't cleared my dressing room for a couple of days, I start to panic. There are so many ways you can make effective use of storage space to keep rooms tidy so there's no excuse. I'm not talking Monica's secret cupboard in F.R.I.E.N.D.S though - there are many other storage solutions. For inspiration see AWS's Kati Blake and her fabulous article about ingenious storage solutions which will help turn your home into a haven. diy.allwomenstalk.com


Solid as a Rock

Stones, pebbles and rocks are great in the home and can be a real feature which remind us of the awesome power of nature and connote solidity, stability and strength. Stones also symbolise the earth and its grounding qualities which is why they are great in areas of contemplation and meditation, and why they are used to recreate the Zen gardens of old. There are many wonderful varieties of stone with different colours and textures to suit all tastes and even a simple urn filled with pebbles can help bring that touch of natural mysticism into your home.


Essential Aromas

They say there are certain aromas that you should have in your home which may increase its saleability if it's on the market. Coffee and freshly baked bread are two of the aromas that scream home comforts and make people feel at ease, even in an abode that isn't their own. There are so many ways to fragrance your living spaces such as candles, oils and joss sticks for example. Different aromas will evoke a different mood so if you would like to enhance the good mood in the room, try jasmine or orange blossom.


Colour Therapy

We all know that colour is important and can make a real difference to the way we feel and the way people react towards us. The psychology of colour is very interesting, and no more important than in the home where careful attention should be paid to the colours you're using in certain rooms. Warm honey tones and whites can make a peaceful backdrop in living spaces, and because of the connotations of the sky and sea, blue is a peaceful and tranquil colour which is often used in bedrooms and bathrooms. You can even mood-light your interior by using a colour lighting system such as the one used by hoteliers Schrager and Starck. At the flick of a switch, you can change the colour in your room and therefore alter the ambiance of the space.


Flower Power

Flowers are essential for the home and help brighten up spaces. There are certain flowers which will help create certain moods and add to the ambiance. Simply watching plants bloom and blossom in the living space can remind us of the power and beauty of nature. They are obviously a simple and less toxic way of making the home smell fragrant too. So whether it's roses and honeysuckle or herbs such as mint and lavender, you can promote feelings of vitality and positivity in the living space if there is an element of nature within it. The act of watching a flower bloom or a pot of herbs growing and flourishing, helps us appreciate the simple things in life.



Different fabrics can also make a real difference to the living space. Natural fabrics are more likely to soothe the senses and often look more attractive as they age. They can add a rustic edge to a space if teamed with distressed wooden tables on a wooden or stone floor for example. The many different textures that can be made from natural fibres such as linen, wool and cotton, mean they can be woven to create rough and rustic fabrics and fine and delicate textiles.


Objets D'art

Natural objects in your home are often much more preferable to man-made pieces because they are sometimes accompanied by happy memories. For example, a shell in the hall way you picked up from the beach or that piece of artwork on your wall made from autumn leaves which you lovingly created with your children, can help keep you in touch with the natural world and remind you of what is important in life.

These are just a few tips to help turn your home into a haven of peace and tranquillity. Goodness knows that with the growth of technology, our energy in the home can be sapped, leaving us drained both emotionally and physically. What tips do you have for creating peaceful spaces in your home?

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The indoor tipi in No.6 is flaming GENIOUS! Will make one tomorrow!

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