7 Globe Inspired Home Decor to Make Your House More Worldly ...


7 Globe Inspired Home Decor to Make Your House More Worldly ...
7 Globe Inspired Home Decor to Make Your House More Worldly ...

When looking for classic pieces for decorating, globe inspired home decor can be an eye-catching theme to explore. While globes certainly have a place in the classroom or home office, there’s a lot of space in the home that could use a worldly touch. And why not let our home planet spruce up our home too? Earth is a splendid place, so let’s show some appreciation with a bit of globe inspired home decor.

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Give It a World Mirror Set

Give It a World Mirror Set Three perspectives of our fine planet make this world mirror trio one of my favorite pieces of globe inspired home decor. Group them together in your living room and admire the reflection with a more worldly glimpse. The light weight and mere 11” diameter make this decor easily hung and happily displayed in your home. For your own world mirror set, visit ModCloth.com.



Hugg-a-Planet The world has become huggable with this plush geographically-accurate globe. It’s the perfect learning tool for children, but also a colorful conversation piece when used as a throw pillow on the living room couch. And as the founding company executives say, “When you use Hugg-A-Planet, you just hugged 7 billion people.” Now that’s just too cute. Visit HuggAPlanet.com for your own lovable and huggable plush globe.


Adventure Awaits Globe

Adventure Awaits Globe This custom-designed globe is the perfect piece of home decor for the traveler. Whether you’ve been around the globe and back for work, school or vacation or you’re just a hopeful traveler in future adventures, this globe is a must-have desktop addition. Using antique globes and recycled materials for her artful creations, designer Wendy Gold is the creative mastermind behind this Adventure Awaits piece from Imagine Nations. Visit ArtOnGlobes.com for more info behind her world-inspired artwork.


Globe Bookends

Globe Bookends These artisan crafted globe bookends are quite a sight to behold. Using semi-precious stones to represent each country and the breathtaking Bahama blue toned oceans, these six inch bookends will look spectacular on any shelf. The intricate details and incredible colors make these globe bookends a constant reminder of just how beautiful our world really is. For this bookend set and other globe bookend designs, visit JTV.com.


The Classic Globe Bar

The Classic Globe Bar This antiquated nautical globe bar is the epitome of class. It’s Mad Men meets Captain Jack Sparrow and it’s a staple bar set for any man cave, dining room or vintage-inspired home office. It’s portable, practical and an old world inspired globe for any girl looking for a little high society imbibing after work. You can get your own globe bar from Overstock.com.


The Butterfly Globe

The Butterfly Globe And in yet another remarkable achievement by artist Wendy Gold, this colorful butterfly globe is truly breathtaking. While this exact piece was sold for a considerable sum through Imagine Nations, the artist does consider custom pieces. If you’re especially crafty, you might consider even attempting your own butterfly globe with an assemblage of colorful butterfly paper cutouts, a tub of Mod Podge and a globe you don’t mind altering. Otherwise, visit ArtonGlobes.com to see other selections or to contact the artist about a custom order.


World Map Shower Curtain

World Map Shower Curtain Why settle for a bland old vinyl shower curtain, when you can see the world from your bathtub? With this colorful, geographical addition to your bathroom, you can come out of the shower feeling like a world traveler every morning. And if you have kids, you could even make bath time a multi-cultural experience. So if you don’t have the space for a desktop globe or the funds for an artisan crafted piece of globe art, this affordable shower curtain is a cute worldly touch for any home. If you'd like a world map hanging from your shower, look in store or online at Target.com

For home decor, think global. Our world is more than our home, because with these small worlds, after all, globes can be colorful creations for home decor too. Whether you’re looking for something academic for your child’s bedroom, something scholarly for the home office, or something cute and quirky for the bathroom, globes are a great pick. Do you have any globes or maps decorating your home?

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