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Some of the best statement pieces for your home are the ones that you’d never think of. They don’t always have to be crazy pieces of furniture, or something so extravagant that it costs pretty much half of what your house is worth. The best statement pieces for your home are the ones that are everyday items, the ones most people tend to overlook when it comes to putting your home together. Here’s my list of 9 best statement pieces for your home!

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Accent Wall

Accent Wall Accent walls are without a doubt one of the statement pieces for your home. It can be any wall, in any room. It’s inexpensive, and you have so many options to choose from! Pick a wall (or two!) in your bedroom, have a chalkboard wall in your kitchen, how about even making your bathroom floor a sunny yellow colour if it’s possible? The options are endless!


Big Statement Mirror

Big Statement Mirror One of my absolute favourite statement pieces for the home is the gorgeous mirror. It can be big, small, whatever size you want it to be. But if you can find a beautifully framed mirror for your bedroom, or a full floor to ceiling mirror for your foyer, the effect would be amazing. Besides, you’re going to love your reflection a lot more when you’re staring into a beautifully framed reflection!


A Gorgeous Coffee Table

A Gorgeous Coffee Table Big or small, vintage or completely custom, a stunning coffee table is definitely one of the most useful statement pieces for your home. You can find any coffee table that suits your tastes, and the best thing about coffee tables is they come in so many shapes and sizes; you won’t have a shortage of options to choose from!


Any Kind of Lighting

Any Kind of Lighting You can get a chandelier if you’d like, but let me tell you one thing – one of my favourite things to do at Ikea is to just marvel at their lighting section. One of the easiest statement pieces to instantly change the feel of a room is with lighting. You can use a bunch of little lights strategically placed around the room, one very large lamp, or how about lanterns, or even a string of star lights? See? Tons of options to pick from!


The Perfect Office Desk

The Perfect Office Desk This item on the list of statement pieces for your home is strictly for yourself, and no one else. It’s the one indulgent piece of furniture that you can be entirely selfish with. Your desk is pretty much like your mecca, everything happens there, and it’s no one else’s domain but yours. So why not find something that will motivate you and inspire you to do what needs to get done?


A Luxurious Headboard

A Luxurious Headboard Your bedroom is where you go to rejuvenate; it’s like your own little private oasis for you and your partner. So if you can make it a little personal getaway, why not jump at the chance? A good headboard can be one of the most luxurious statement pieces in your home. My best friend recently moved to a new place with her hubby, and we ended up going back and forth over BBM for hours finding her the perfect headboard. She ended up going with a gorgeous leather one. Of course that made me just want to go house shopping already!


The Perfect Curtains

The Perfect Curtains Everyone needs curtains because they’re a necessity! Have you ever walked into a room and saw light pouring into it, gorgeously framed by wonderful curtains? Curtains are hands down some of the best statement pieces for your home, and they can instantly change the look of your room. If you’re looking for something with a bold pattern, you won’t need much else in the rest of your room. Likewise, if you like white curtains, the rest of your place can be as loud as you want it to be!


The Area Rug

The Area Rug There is something about rugs that just scream comfortable luxury to me. It doesn’t matter what kind of rug it is, what pattern is on it, what colour it is, either way I think it’s one of the best statement pieces for your home. Rugs are like works of art that you can actually touch and be a little bit rough with. You can’t deny that when you see a gorgeous rug hanging in a store, you can’t help but reach out and touch it. Plus they can go anywhere in your home, from the bathroom to the hallway, anywhere you want!


Plants, Plants and More Plants

Plants, Plants and More Plants It’s said that looking at plants and having them in your home can calm you down and revitalize you. Plus, having plants in your home lets your bring the nature indoors to you, and creates a beautiful and peaceful balance in your home. Some of the statement pieces in your home are the ones that are the most natural. I have bamboo in almost every room in my house, and I never, ever get tired of looking at them. They relax me! So pick your favourite plant, and add it to your home!

Now it’s time to start decorating! Or maybe redecorating, whichever one you’re in the mood for. I love interior design, and I can’t wait until I get to decorate my own home one day, but for now I’m going to have to settle with just dreaming about it! So tell me, what are some of your statement pieces?

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