7 Illuminating Decorative Candles for Fall ...


7 Illuminating Decorative Candles for Fall ...
7 Illuminating Decorative Candles for Fall ...

Whether you’re looking for some seasonal decor or you would just love a sweet aroma in the air, having candles for fall in your home can really brighten the mood. Some women are keen on aromatherapy for stress management, and others just love the classy look of a decorative candle. These candles for fall celebrate the delicate scents of the autumnal air inside the comfort of your own home.

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Spiced Pumpkin by Yankee Candle

Spiced Pumpkin by Yankee Candle The Yankee Candle Company is known for their wide variety of scented candles. Naturally, they have a large selection of candles for fall, with decadent scents that are almost deceptive. At least, you’ll have guests fooled with this spiced pumpkin candle. Simply light the wick, and you’ll have everyone in your home wondering when the pie is being served. Hopefully they won’t be too upset once they realize the whiff of seasonal spiced pumpkin isn’t a promise of dessert. You can find this and other seasonal favorites at YankeeCandle.com.


Bubble and Geek Hot Apple Cider

Bubble and Geek Hot Apple Cider This handmade soy-based candle captures the essence of sipping hot apple cider on a crisp fall day. After lighting this sweet canned candle, you’ll swear you’ve just come from a hayride and are sitting around a boiling caldron with friends, enjoying a cup of cider. Support a small business and score yourself the scent of hot apple cider at BubbleandGeek.etsy.com.


Beeswax Beehive Candle

Beeswax Beehive Candle Hinode Farm is renowned for their handmade natural beeswax candle, and this sweet hive is perfect for your home. With a delicate fragrant blend of flowers and honey, this bee hive is a beautiful addition to your fall candle assortment. For this candle and other gorgeously golden-toned options, visit HinodeFarm.com.


Elume Cranberry

Elume Cranberry The Elume brand is native to Australia and offers a considerable selection of classic pillar candles. And while most people may think of pumpkin pie or cinnamon apples as signature scents for fall, cranberry is a refreshing pick. From the autumnal cranberry shade of red to the slight reminder of cranberry sauce come Thanksgiving day, these pillar candles are perfect for fall. If you’re looking to import your own Elume cranberry candles, visit Candelabra.com.


Sedona Pottery Acorn Candle

Sedona Pottery Acorn Candle While scented candles certainly evoke a fondness for fall, sometimes a nice visual representation can make all the difference. This unscented votive candle is an artisan-made clay pottery piece that would be a perfect autumnal accessory for any home. And at over 2 lbs in weight, this acorn candle won’t go unnoticed. For your own beautifully crafted acorn candle this fall, visit ATGStores.com.


The Mini Owl Collection by KLIMA

The Mini Owl Collection by KLIMA And in yet another adorable option for fall candle decor, this miniature 4-piece set of tea light owl candles is a seasonal must-have. From the French porcelain company, KLIMA, these owls are just one of many mini candle sets available. And from the clever design and thoughtful detailing, it’s easy to see what makes them a popular choice. To claim your own set of these precious owls, visit Mini-Collection.com.


Slatkin & Co Autumn Candle

Slatkin & Co Autumn Candle Back by popular demand, comes the all-around scent of autumn in this jarred candle by Slatkin & Co. A fragrant blend of cedar wood, fir balsam, sweet apples and dark pomegranate, this three-wicked candle will leave your home as fresh as a fall day for a total burning time of up to 45 hours. While originally distributed by Bath and Body Works, finding this exact item can be difficult due to high demand. But if you absolutely must have one for yourself, try Amazon.com.

With a warm and welcoming glow and a fresh fragrance throughout the home, it’s no wonder why candles make such a fabulous choice for decor. Often times, it can be difficult to truly capture the scent of what makes fall so magical to the senses, but these candles come pretty darn close. Which scents remind you most of the fall season?

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I love autumn! And the pleasant warm scents like pumpkin, vanilla, and apple couple of my favoritesYankee candle

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