11 Pesky Problems Early Risers Have to Deal with ...

By Jennifer

11 Pesky Problems  Early Risers  Have to Deal with ...

It's not easy being an early bird! Sure, it has its advantages - you pretty much get your pick of donuts at the bakery - but there are loads of pesky early risers-only problems, too. Can you relate to any of these early-birdie issues?

1 It's Dark

My body clock wakes me up, without fail, between 4 and 4:30 each morning, and at that ungodly hour, it's still dark. And scary. And DARK.

2 You've Got to Be Quiet

I'm not a loud person, but I hate having to tiptoe around the house when I wake up because I don't want to wake up anyone else.

3 I'm Jealous

While I'm wide awake, waiting for the rest of the world to catch up, I'm secretly stewing with envy - I want to sleep in, too!

4 It's Lonely

Facebook and Instagram and texting? Why bother at 4:00 in the morning - no one else is up, so social media (and my social life) are hibernating too.

5 No One's Made Tea Yet

By the time my house is awake, I've made tea already. Just once, I'd like to wake up to a hot cup of tea... but no... I have to wait for the kettle. Boo.

6 It's Freaking Cold

My heating doesn't kick on til about 5:30, so that first hour I'm awake, I'm freaking freezing. Brr!

7 There's Nothing on

Sure, I can listen (very quietly) to NPR, but there's absolutely nothing on TV, no morning shows for hours.

8 Business

If I'm up, I want to be productive, but it's pretty impossible to conduct business when customer support phone lines and online chats won't be active for hours yet. Le sigh.

9 Noon? You Mean Naptime?

Because I'm up so early, I'm wiped out by noon. I do not want lunch. I want a nap!

10 Aaand... Good Night!

Of course, getting up early means I'm ready for bed early. Like, embarrassingly early. Like, cranky toddler early.

11 On the plus Side...

There are some advantages to being an early riser, namely, while everyone else is just getting going, I'm already done with the day's work, which in summer, means a nap in the sun, and in winter, a nap on the couch. Woo!

Which of these early-bird problems can you relate to? Or did I leave something off my list?

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