13 Problems That All Night Owls Have Experienced at Some Point ...

By Jennifer

13 Problems That All Night Owls Have Experienced at Some Point ...

If you're a stays-up-late kind of gal, chances are, you've got a special set of problems your early-bird squad just can't relate to. Do any of these sound familiar?

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Seriously, Though...

Seriously, Though... Your bedtime isn't the culprit, but if you're not getting ENOUGH sleep, research has shown that you're at greater risk for loads of health problems. Dammit.



Shh! If everyone else in the house is sleeping, you've got to be silent as a ninja if you want to do basically anything.


Chip Bags

Chip Bags If you get the munchies, forget it. Chip bags and other wrappers are make so much noise, there's no way you can eat them without waking up everyone you know.


No One's Awake

No One's Awake During the day when you think of something funny (or you find a great Supernatural meme), you can just fire off a text and chat with your friends. In the middle of the night, your squad's asleep, so they can't reply.


Nothing's Open

Nothing's Open If you're awake, you might as well get some errands done, right? Nope. Everything's closed.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

The House Makes Noises!

The House Makes Noises! Even if you haven't stayed up late watching Saw, if you're a night owl, you'll occasionally (read: every damn night) hear your house creak in a way you know signifies a serial killer creeping up to get you.


Work in the Morning

Work in the Morning If you're a night owl, but your work starts early in the morning, you know the joy of chugging a gallon of coffee before work, praying your concealer is doing its job of hiding the dark circles under your eyes while you sit at your desk wondering if you can nap with your eyes open.


Night Owl? or Something else?

Night Owl? or Something else? Are you really a night owl (cool) or an insomniac (possibly requires medical intervention)? When describing yourself to someone, be sure you choose the right word.


Time Stamps

Time Stamps Sure, you could message and email people, but thanks to timestamps, they'll all know you were up at 3:19 a.m., awake enough to be sending messages.


The Noise

The Noise You've finally fallen asleep... and then the rest of the house wakes up and starts making noise. Damn the real world!


The Couch to Bed Dilemma

The Couch to Bed Dilemma You know the drill: you're dozing off on the couch (finally!) so you grab your pillow and blanket and head off to bed... where you're now wide awake, staring at the ceiling.


Just Try to Explain

Just Try to Explain People will ask you why you're up so late and they'll want an answer. Usually, I can't think of one. Its frustrating.


The Internet is a Weird Place

The Internet is a Weird Place Why do night owls know where to find the weirdest internet rabbit holes? And whyyy do we go down them? We should know better.

What other night owl problems have made you suffer? Please share... reading the comments will give me something to do tonight!

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I have been working 3-11am lately and have had to completely change my habits. Finally got my night owl self to wake up at 8am everyday, now I'm lucky if I'm asleep at 8am lol.

I have this problem - it's awful and has only become worse with a baby that wakes up at 6am!!! No more late mornings and days filled with exhaustion and endless diaper changes. 😭