Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning ...


 Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning ...
 Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning ...

Want to know why you should make your bed every morning? Girl, trust me, I’ve been there a million times. That twenty minutes that you spend in bed every morning, know that you should be getting up and getting ready for the day but you’re just so damn comfortable that you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed just yet! These moments are probably some of the most comfortable of the day, but do you know what can make your day even cozier? The prospect of getting into a nice, inviting, well-made bed every night! Just think of the late night bliss you could experience if you sacrifice those 20 minutes in the morning to make your bed instead! Here is why you should make your bed every morning.

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Starts the Day off Right

Making your bed as soon as you get up is the perfect way to start off the day in a productive and positive manner and is one of the top reasons why you should make your bed every morning. Before you have even left your bedroom you will have done something positive with your day, and there are many other tasks that can help you achieve something like that so early after waking up! It will dictate the tone of the day as something productive and you will continue to be that throughout.


Encourages Tidiness

It is so easy to let your room descend into messy chaos when your bed is unmade because you don’t have the motivation to keep everything else in line if the central feature of the bedroom is messy too. If you commit to making your bed every morning, then you will also find that you are more likely to pick up those dirty clothes, put those shoes back in a neat line, all of the little things that add up to a spotless bedroom area.


More Productive

If the very first thing you do every day is make your bed, then it’s more than likely that you will carry on this level of productivity throughout the rest of your day whether you are at work or just at home. By upholding such a productive and positive habit, you are getting your body in the mode to complete tasks before you have even properly started your day!


Improves Mood

Looking at and being surrounded by tidiness and clean things is a sure fire way to improve a person’s mood. If you can rest in the knowledge that your bed is nice and made and waiting for you at the end of the day, then your overall mood can be really significantly improved as a result. Nobody wants to return home from a hard day and see a total mess.


Better Aesthetic

Having a nicely made bed in your room at all times just lends itself to an overall more pleasing aesthetic, and who amongst us doesn’t want to be surrounded by a more positive and better looking environment as often as possible? If things look good, they will feel good, including your state of mind!

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