Awesome Tips to Get You out of Bed in 60 Seconds ...


Awesome Tips to Get You out of Bed in 60 Seconds ...
Awesome Tips to Get You out of Bed in 60 Seconds ...

Do you need some tips for getting out of bed in 60 seconds? If you are anything like me, then one of the hardest parts of your day is one of the very first things that you have to do, and that is getting yourself out of bed! Waking up from a great night’s sleep might be refreshing in the long run, but when you are warm and toasty in the softness of your duvet, getting up and ready for the day feels like the worst thing in the world! The more you press snooze, the harder the final act is going to be. What if I told you that you could condense all of that early morning anguish into an easy minute? Here are some tips for getting out of bed in 60 seconds.

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Drink Water

Keep a bottle or glass of water on your bedside table, and as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning, make sure that you roll over and guzzle it down. It has the double whammy effect of not only being refreshing and stimulating, but it will also wake up your metabolism and start hydrating your body immediately. You’ll have had one of your eight daily glasses before you have even got up to brush your teeth! That's why this is one of the best tips for getting out of bed in 60 seconds.


Clever Alarm Placement

To put it simply, if your alarm clock is out of reach, then you are going to have to get out of bed to turn it off! This is a classic trick, and it’s still being shared around because it really does work! If you put your alarm closer to your door than your bed, then when you have turned it off you will be more likely to go to the bathroom than back to the sheets!


Leave Blinds Open

A great tip is to leave your bedroom blinds or curtains open, and this will give you a more natural waking up with the rise of the sun type rather than a pitch black alarm jolt that leaves you wanting to snooze. The introduction of gradual light into your bedroom will help you to stir awake in a much more peaceful and positive fashion.


Silent Tech

If a noisy alarm traumatizes you to the point of sticking your head under the covers for an extra twenty minutes every day, then you might want to think about investing in some silent tech instead. You can wear smartwatches that track your sleeping patterns and produce a buzzing vibration to help you rise when you are the lightest point in your sleep cycle. This will stop you from having to rise when you are still in a heavy-headed state.


Set Your Coffee Maker

If you have a coffee maker that you can set to time like a Keurig, then make sure that it is aligned with your bedroom alarm clock, because once that irresistible fresh coffee smell starts to waft your way, you won’t be able to resist getting out of bed to enjoy your first cup of the day!

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