7 Common Little Things That Can Ruin Your Day ...


Even the small things that can ruin your day have a significant impact on your general well being. No matter how hard we try to avoid those little tribulations, they always catch up to us. However, instead of letting them take control of our day, let’s recognize the things that can ruin your day and take away their power. You are in charge of your own life, after all, and happiness is a choice.

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One Hateful Remark

They say that it takes at least 7-12 compliments in order to counteract one insulting remark. That is just how powerful insults can be and how greatly they can affect us. No matter how many compliments you will get, one hateful remark will always stand out among the pool of positive comments. Therefore, instead of giving your attention to things that can ruin your day such as negative remarks, bring your attention to the positivity that surrounds you.


Running Late to Work/school

Running late to work or school is not the best way to start out your day. Especially when none of it is your fault and the public transportation is running slow due to the bad weather or there is traffic because of an accident. In this type of situation, nothing is really in your control and you just have to sit there, and wait it out while worrying about how late you are going to get to your destination.


Certain Tasks Slipping Your Mind

If you tend to have a busy daily schedule in particular, you probably know just how aggravating it can be when certain things slip your mind. No matter how organized and responsible you are, there will always be certain days when nothing seems to be going your way and you just happen to forget to meet a deadline or complete a task. This can be very discouraging but it is important to just carry on with what you are doing.


Rude Encounters

There were countless times when encounters with rude strangers completely threw me off. Interestingly, even people whom we have never met before can have such a powerful impact on us. For example, how many times did you leave a store in a bad mood because the cashier didn’t have any manners? Or how many times did you get into a small quarrel with a stranger? Probably a few times, if not many.


Bad Hair

When it comes to hair, there are two types of days that you may experience: good hair or bad hair days. When you wake up with good hair, it is as if there are birds chirping around you and the sun is coming up just to greet you, but when it is a bad hair day, everything just seems bleak and depressing. Even when you succeed at covering up the mess by putting your hair in a bun or wearing a hat, you still feel self-conscious about your appearance.


Long Waiting Lines

There is nothing worse than long lines on the days when you can’t afford to waste time. For example, if you take public transportation, you can relate to standing on long lines and waiting for the bus to come for what seems like forever in the coldest weather of the year. Plus when the bus does come, it’s followed by 2-3 more buses and you begin to think just how much faster this could have gone by if the buses just spread themselves out!


Small Failures

Messing up at work or getting a bad grade at school can be quite a depressing experience. Especially when you have worked so hard and worried about it so much, it seems like your efforts have all gone to waste. However, it is important to know that one mistake will not cost you your job as long as you persist with good work ethics. Similarly, one bad grade is not going to kill you, because it is just a test after all, and there are more important things you could be worrying about.

One bad encounter or one rude remark can really push you off the edge and promote your displacement of anger onto something less threatening. However, those little things can easily ruin your day only if you give them the power to. What are some of your tips on not letting small things affect your day?

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No coffee in the house!

Some days just seem full of rudeness and meanness, so depressing! Over time I have come to realize that one way of coping with the hard harsh realities of everyday life is to engage in random acts of kindness...allowing someone move ahead of you in line, whether it's in a supermarket, a restaurant or on the road; complementing a clerk or salesperson about their hair, or dress, their demeanor or their smile...just taking a moment, especially when you least have it to spare, to put someone else ahead of yourself, can make a rotten day a little bit better...

When there's no candy at home

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